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Tips for Raising Healthy Eaters

by on 09/10/2013 4832

Everyone is talking about healthy eating and going organic nowadays. It’s a wonderful fact that more and more people are being aware on the importance of eating healthily and are getting more conscious on what they put on their plates. Healthy eating doesn’t only contribute to a healthy body, but it also helps in keeping a person mentally alert and assists in maintaining a healthy weight.

It is rather easy for most adults to switch from bad-eating habits to healthy eating, as we are more in control of our decisions. But for parents who wish to nurture healthy eating in their children’s lifestyles, it can prove to be a little difficult to do.

Not many children like healthy food.

In this context, healthy food usually means fruits and vegetables. Children love anything that is sugary and sweet and chocolaty. As this kind of food tend to be marketed as “children’s treat”, it can be quite hard to pry your kids away from their Sneakers bar and offer them a plate of broccolis.

You can try these tips on how to raise a healthy eater so that your child will grow up healthily and also in hope to continue to be a healthy eater throughout his lifetime.

Start Them Young

There is no denying that to cultivate a good habit, starting them as young as possible has a higher chance of it being realized. This is even more so with healthy eating. Kids need to get used to eating a healthy meal when they are young so they will be able to maintain this habit as they grow up.

Model Good Behavior

Children learn by example. If you want your children to be healthy eaters, then you need to be one yourself. You can’t be telling your children not to the eat junk food when that’s what you eat while you watch TV. Set an example by choosing healthy food when you take them out for dinner or grocery shopping. Always show a positive attitude towards healthy food to further encourage your children.

Let Them Choose

The next time you take your children for grocery shopping, why not let them pick the items. This way, not only you teach them responsibility and accountability, you also allow them the chance to learn which food is healthy to choose and which is not. When they have a clear idea what healthy food is, it is easier for them to stick to this habit.

Cook Together

This is one of the easiest ways to get your child to eat healthily. After having picked the food items, your child can cook them along with you. Children tend to eat more of the food they cook themselves. Since you will be cooking a healthy meal together, then you will get to enjoy that healthy meal together as well. Cooking with your children is also important as it instills the habit of eating less processed food, another culprit for bad-eating habits.

Don’t Keep Junk But Don’t Limit Either

If you don’t keep junk food at home, then there is no chance of your children eating it. Instead, choose healthy snacks like fruits, cube cheese, yogurt, flavored milk and nuts. Your kids can snack on these whenever they want to. However, occasional treats like chocolate or ice cream is fine. Your children can learn moderation through this way, as they will still be able to eat “less healthy” food while keeping a healthy eating habit.

Watch Program on Healthy Eating

Since people nowadays are more conscious about their diet, there are many programs on healthy eating and living being aired. You can watch documentaries on organic plantation and learn its importance or you can watch cooking shows that share healthy tips and recipes for healthy eating. You can take this opportunity to tell your children why you need to eat healthily and what are the things other people are doing to achieve this too.

Be Patient and Never Force

Getting your child to eat healthily may be a little difficult to do if you started them at an age where they can understand things or after they are used to eating anything and everything they want. Eating habits should be cultivated so it becomes a second nature to your children. If they refuse to eat certain food you offer them, try other alternative food that contain the same or similar properties as the one before. The key is to be patient and always try many ways to introduce healthy food to your children.


This is often the part that many parents tend to overlook when they want their children to be healthy eaters. As with any health conscious person would tell you, eating healthily is not enough. You need to exercise and sweat it out as well. Make it a point to go to the park over the weekend and exercise together. This way, you not only raise a healthy eater, but a healthy person all around.