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Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

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COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Doing our part by:

Compulsory daily temperature check

Compulsory wearing of mask

Frequent hand washing for students

Provide sanitizers and wipes

Daily cleaning and sanitizing

Intense Cleaning and sanitizing weekly

Social distancing for students and teachers

Ensure safety for food and drinking water

Strict protocol for parents and visitors

We also provide:

Virtual learning during MCO

School fees discount during MCO

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  • Taska Precious Steps is a Google Apps for Education site.  TPS employs Google Classroom for its online programme
  • Founders are Firefly Ambassadors with the Malaysian Nature Society
  • Founders are certified lecturers for Kids Athlete program with World Athletics (formerly IAAF)
  • Passionate and qualified team of educators
  • Trilingual language teaching
  • Montessori-based curriculum
  • High quality international teaching materials
  • Character development through US Character First program
  • Partnership with Colleges with an internship program for students (Diploma and Degree) in Early Childhood Education

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI, is an early childhood education centre for children ages 3 to 6 years. The preschool, which has been around since 2009, was established by Ms Kitty and her husband, Mr Chin. They both play a very hands-on role in the centre, working closely with students and teachers to build a supportive and loving learning environment.

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

The founders, who are parents and educators themselves, wanted to create a preschool that nurtures children in a holistic way. Ms Kitty, in her visits to preschools in the USA, observed that young children over there seem to be more confident, expressive, and creative in their communication. She realised that this has a lot to do with what kids are exposed to in schools, and so sought to set up a place locally which could help children build these skills.

A Wonderful Space to Learn and Play

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

Taska Precious Steps is situated in a corner lot, where the centre’s compound has space for kids to run around, play and exercise.

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI
Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

There’s an outdoor playground with monkey bars and even a giant trampoline.

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

They also have an edible garden, where kids help to plant vegetables and fruits; such as cucumber, mustard greens and organic mango. The students love planting, watering, and making salads using the plants they grow.

On top of this, the children make compost from any plant-based kitchen waste.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

Taska Precious Steps uses a thematic, Montessori-based programme that encourages creativity and growth in different learning areas. Students in this centre get involved in a STEAM experiment every month.

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

At the end of every month, students are assessed through methods such as show and tell (for the older kids), where teachers act as facilitators.

Children in Taska Precious Steps are also taught values that go beyond academics, as part of their aim is to develop good character. To achieve this, the centre follows the Character First Education programme (from the USA) that focuses on topics like sincerity, patience and honesty.

In the afternoon, parents may opt to have their kids join quality enrichment classes, in subject like Mandarin, Speech & Drama, and Creative Arts & Crafts.

It is easy to see that students who attend the centre are in good hands, as they are well prepared to enter Primary 1—be it in an international, government, or national-type (Chinese) school.

Paying Close Attention to Individuals

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

The team at Taska Precious Steps believes that every child is different, and all individuals have their own unique strengths and challenges. This is why they give personalized attention and effort for each child, despite following a mainstream education programme. Children who are able to excel faster than their peers are encouraged and allowed to grow in this centre.

Extracurricular Activities and Special Events

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

Under normal circumstances, students here spend plenty of time outdoors. The centre typically organises 4 to 5 field trips a year, where they visit places such as the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, PJ Live Arts, organic farms and community libraries. Taska Precious Steps seeks to get involved with the community as much as they can, and are even members of the TTDI edible garden and Malaysian Nature Society.

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

Annually, the centre holds a concert with charming performances by the young and talented students, while every mid-year the centre will have a sports day—where even parents will have their own set of obstacle courses and activities.

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

Parents of students at the centre play in active role in their child’s life, and often come along for outside events, such as a night search for firefly larvae at Bukit Kiara!

Qualified and Devoted Teachers

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

Many of the educators at Taska Precious Steps have either a degree or diploma in early childhood education, or have qualifications in pre-primary Montessori education.

Teachers who work at this centre need to be creative, and constantly make sure that students are learning in a positive environment. The centre maintains that every word a teacher says does matter, as it will affect the child.

At this preschool, the educators play instruments, sing, and use different technologies to teach little ones. They also receive regular training that polishes their observational and assessment skills, classroom management, and teaching techniques.

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

No. 33, Lorong Abang Haji Openg 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur 60000
03-7733 3XXX
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