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From A Doctor: 5 Things You Must Do To Keep Your Child's Immunity Strong During COVID-19!

by on 17/02/2021 2822

We see cases of Covid-19 increasing every day, especially in the Klang Valley area. We are worried about our children getting infected as their antibodies are not as strong as adults. So, parents need to be more mindful about what to feed their children to help reduce the possibility of getting infected.

Protect your children from getting infected from COVID-19

According to Dr Ahmad Luqman Bukhari, apart from exposing children to high-risk public areas, parents have to do the following 5 things in order to boost the immune systems of children. 

#1. Limit junk food and fast food

It’s essential to ensure children are getting sufficient vitamins and protein through whole foods. Stock the pantry and fridge with vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables instead of sugary, gum-damaging snacks. Nuts, yogurt, lean meat, fish, dark green vegetables, eggs, oranges are all great for boosting the immune system.

#2. Ensure your child gets sufficient sleep

During sleep, the immune system releases a protein called Cytokines which targets infection and inflammation, protecting our bodies from an infectious disease. And not getting enough sleep can decrease the production of Cytokines. Therefore, you should prioritise sleep and make a bedtime schedule for your child to allow their little bodies to refuel and be resilient during these challenging times.

#3. Increase physical activity 

Regular physical activities are good to support children’s physical and mental development, and reduces the risk of them getting sick. If you can’t access any outdoor open spaces right now, try indoor games, yoga or these brain breaks to get them moving throughout the day.

#4. Banish secondhand smoke

Cigarette smoke or vape vapor that is exhaled by a COVID positive individual will carry the deadly virus particles and spread into the air and infect others around.

Children are particularly vulnerable to smoke exposure and are likely to suffer due to their immature immune systems. Moreover, cigarette smoke affects their development and functionality negatively, especially the well-being of children with asthma. 

#5. Promote healthy hygiene habits 

Set a good example and remind children of important daily health and hygiene habits. Wear a mask when in a public place, always clean your hands and practice social distancing. Germs and viruses are difficult to reproduce in clean places.

So, parents, you are actually the savior to protect your children from getting sick. Make sure you carry out your responsibilities! 

If you run a school, check out how you can do your part in instilling proper hand hygiene habits in children here.

This article was first published on theAsianParent.