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5 Pieces of great advice for new teachers

by on 15/12/2022 1569

As a new teacher, the first year can be overwhelming. It can take a while to find your footing. Here are some great pieces of advice from veteran educators to hopefully make your new school year go a little smoother.



Be prepared for a challenge


Nothing in the books prepares you for what really happens in the classroom, so be prepared and also flexible enough for other challenges that pop up along the way. Teaching is as much a science as it is an art. Therefore, preparing lesson plans and stimulating activities that drive students’ motivation must be part of your weekly routine. Also, always have a backup plan!



Tap into your peers for knowledge and insight


All teachers are just trying as hard as you to help themselves as well as their students. So, the next time when you are having lunch or a tea break, make the most it. Don’t hesitate to seek helpful advice. Open up, ask questions and discuss classroom practices.


5 Pieces of great advice for new teachers


Be proactive with parents


Dealing with parents for the first time can be nerve-wrecking but establishing positive relationships with parents is central to the child’s educational success – which translates into yours as well. You’d want your encounters with parents to be warm and gracious. Try different communication techniques, take the time to explain your decisions and invite input from parents.



Set boundaries and time limits


Understand your workload, set priorities and learn to balance. It doesn’t mean working less than your fair share or being less ambitious than other teachers, but boundaries can help you become more productive in the long run.



Remember the joys of the profession


No matter how tough it gets, never lose sight of the things that made you want to teach in the first place. There is joy and value in this profession. Nothing can give you a greater sense of satisfaction as seeing your students progress and being part of the influence to building better future societies.