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Interview - BeeBop Circus

by on 03/07/2014 1735

BeeBop Circus sounds like a very interesting concept. Please tell us more about it in terms of its background, philosophies and teaching programs and methods.

Sure! Here at BeeBop Circus, we’re a developmental center where we offer gym and dance classes for children between the ages of 1 to 7 years old. We’re dedicated to developing both the mental and physical health of children through appropriate thematic lessons that have been developed according to the children’s development milestones.

At BeeBop Circus, we literally turn play into a learning experience, as we help to develop the children’s critical life skills through our child-centered and non-competitive approach. Each structured lesson features music, colors, moral values and fun tumbling activities, all in a safe and fun environment.

That’s wonderful. What attracted you to start this business?

You see, we keep hearing about enrichment centers offering some new philosophy or method, all promising to help their children become “smarter”.

What we wanted to do instead, is to encourage parents to look beyond pure academics, as these are surprisingly, not the main element that makes a children successful in life. We pay so much attention to good grades that we forget emotional intelligence and a positive character play a much more important and bigger role!

So, we decided to leverage on the basic and natural instinct of every child – which is to play. We use this intrinsic drive to actively engage young children and ensure learning still takes place. Many of the skills that we wanted to focus on are also soft skills and critical life skills. The importance of these skills is very often overlooked by parents.

I see. In this case, how has the response been from the parents?

Oh, we’ve received very positive feedback from parents. Many told us that they see noticeable changes in their children after just a month of attending our classes! Our students often become more confident, cheerful, friendly, responsive, brave and the list goes on.

That’s great to hear! What are other benefits that children can get from joining BeeBop Circus?

Besides the obvious benefits of developing gross and fine mother skills, upper and lower body strength, coordination, agility, balancing skills and overall fitness, there is substantial biological, clinical and classroom research that supports the conclusion that physical education also plays an integral role in boosting cognition, spatial perception, attention, confidence as well as decision-making skills.

What makes your center/business unique compare to other similar players?

Here at BeeBop Circus, we bring the best of both worlds to our children and allow for the development of basic tumbling techniques whilst focusing on for main developmental areas.

They are:

  • Active bodies – Physical activities at BeeBop Circus feature fundamental locomotor and non-locomotor, gross and fine motor skills. Our lessons will help to build children’s overall fitness through increased strength, coordination, balance and agility.
  • Values and morals – We believe it’s never too early to start instilling values in your child. One of the most important things your child can do is to internalize strong values and guiding principles to help them make healthy and moral lifelong choices. Our programs at BeeBop Circus integrate moral values such as responsibility, respect, teamwork and empathy into each lesson.
  • Creative minds – The most outstanding children do not fit inside a box! Our lessons incorporate problem-solving skills that promote the child’s creative expression as well as critical and divergent thinking.
  • Soft skills – Confidence, social skills, teamwork, listening skills, sustained concentration… All these are essential skills that will be developed through our structured programs. These are skills that children will benefit from all they way into their adulthood!

Those are wonderful things to hear. In terms of challenges, what are the things you have to face for someone who is in the sector you’re in? And how does your business deal with these challenges?

Oh, mainly the challenge to face the mindset of more traditional parents who tend to believe that playing is a waste of time. The best way for us to deal with such challenges is by educating parents on the importance of play and its benefits. There is an abundance of research that proves this and the challenge for us would be creating this awareness amongst local parents.

I see. Just one last question. Does your business offer franchise opportunity?

Not at this moment, no.

All right. Thank you so much for an interesting interview and your time.

You’re welcome!

For more information, please visit Beebop Circus official website.