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International Schools That Accept Students With Special Needs In Malaysia

by on 01/07/2023 6002

Every parent wants to send their kids to the best school possible. If your child has special needs, it’s even more important to look for a school that’s best suited for their education and development.

Thankfully, Malaysian international schools are renowned for offering outstanding education to all its students, even those with special needs. The four international schools featured below are some of the best in the country at helping students who are in need of special needs guidance.



Pine Hills International School


Pine Hills International School (PHIS), in 2 locations- Subang Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, is a diverse international school that fosters curious students who would be well-prepared for life. PHIS offers British-based lessons for students ages three and up in its Preschool Programme, Primary Programme, Secondary Programme, and A Levels.

PHIS goes above and above to guarantee that all children, especially those with special needs, have the chance to learn and succeed regardless of their circumstances. Students with special needs will be able to obtain individualised care from licenced therapists with the support of their Gifted Kids department. As a result, they will eventually be able to function independently and learn with their classmates in a mainstream environment.

Additionally, students at PHIS learn how to get along with peers of various backgrounds and skills and be aware of the wants and needs of those around them.

Each educator at PHIS has a master's or at least a bachelor's degree. In order to enhance student learning outcomes, they routinely evaluate their professional growth and obtain timely training. Moreover, they inform parents of their kids' academic achievement. Parents can track what's taking place at their fingertips using an app.

Finally, PHIS shows a solid aim to build competent lifelong learners who are comfortable in their abilities to be anyone they aspire to be and can be.


Nexus International School


The Nexus Inclusion programme at Nexus International School was launched on the principle that all students should get an outstanding, child-centred education and that students benefit from diversity. Specialised programmes are created just for kids with special needs, and professional teachers are engaged to work in classes with regular teachers to provide extra support.

In addition to working with students in class alongside the classroom/subject teachers, ELL teachers (skilled in EAL and special needs) will co-plan to assist in delivering diverse learning experiences.

Additionally, this international school offers secondary pupils the Alternative Pathway programme, offering kids with complex learning needs the chance to complete their education in addition to the core curriculum.


IGB International School


IGBIS adopted the IB framework in 2014 as it was in line with their educational philosophies. They believe that education aims to equip young people to be curious, open-minded, and caring so that they can employ their knowledge and critical thinking abilities to respond to complex local and global concerns.

Students at IGBIS have access to a wealth of facilities, from their extensive and well-equipped Early Years classrooms to their 534-seat auditorium and beyond, while receiving guidance from a faculty of internationally-trained and experienced educators committed to making a difference in the lives of young people.

As a result, IGBIS students gain access to an exceptional multicultural learning environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and inclusivity while pushing them to achieve academic and personal excellence.

At IGBIS, inclusion means that every community member, including teachers, families, and the larger community, supports a broad spectrum of pupils' intellectual, social, emotional, language, and physical growth.

While adhering to the IB criteria for Learning and Diversity and the students' principles of good practice, inclusion at IGBIS implies that all students, regardless of their requirements, have a sense of belonging, challenge, and experience a sense of growth and advancement.


Australian International School Malaysia (AISM)

The Australian Curriculum, which AISM offers, emphasises both academic excellence and the acquisition of useful life skills. Students who complete the Higher School Certificate (HSC) programme at AISM are eligible to enrol in any university of their choice.

Additionally, digital literacy, intercultural awareness, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking are prioritised in the learning process at AISM. Although there is no special needs division at the school, learning enrichment teachers are available to assist kids with mild learning challenges when possible.

The school's capacity and each student's specific needs determine the opportunities available to children who require assistance.

Enrolling Your Child To A School That Prioritises Inclusion Is Vital

A comfortable environment in school is critical for your child's development. Therefore, these schools provide an encouraging atmosphere where every child, despite their abilities, can get a quality education.

These schools enable children with special needs to flourish in all parts of their lives by offering specialised programmes, competent staff, and customised support systems.


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