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By Peter Ng . 25/04/2018

Special Needs Education for Children - Malaysian Overview

Despite governments signing up to many a convention and seemingly supporting international guidelines on children with special needs, prejudices and exclusion still form part of everyday life for many children with special needs around the world.


By . 13/02/2018

Dental Care For Special Needs Children

Children with special needs require additional assistance when it comes to their oral health.


By SI World . 01/06/2016

Parenting a Special Needs Child

A child with special needs gets help from a variety of medical professionals, one of them being the occupational therapist. This article will help parents to better understand what their child’s occupational therapist is aiming to achieve.


By SI World . 31/03/2016

Nurturing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): At Home and In School

In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day 2016 on April 2, here are some pointers for parents and teachers by child psychologist Tan Chee Ern.


By . 05/02/2016

For people with disabilities, there may be sensory integrative dysfunction, a sort of “traffic jam” in the brain where certain parts do not get the sensory information that a person needs to function properly.




By . 09/12/2015

Special Needs Children | Resources in Malaysia

There is increasing hope for our children with special needs as more facilities and resources become available in Malaysia.


By . 28/08/2014

Autism 101: Understanding Types of Delays and What Should You Do

Parents are usually the first ones to think that there is a problem with their child's motor, social, and/or speech and language development. This parental concern should be enough to initiate further evaluation. Prof. Dr. Eric Lim explains.


By . 02/07/2014

How Do I Know If My Child Has Autism?

It can be quite challenging to detect learning disabilities associated with autism because sometimes parents assume these as the child not being interested. Read about the experience of a mother detecting signs of autism in her child.


By . 23/05/2014

A Mom's Journey to Understand Autism

Here is a young mother’s struggle to make sense of autism when she learned that her son is autistic. It had initially dragged her down, but then it lifted her up that she’s on a mission to eradicate the misconception about autism.


By . 12/09/2013

Schools for Special Needs Children in Malaysia

We now have several types of education systems in Malaysia, all harmoniously living under the same roof. The one type of school that is still lacking in many ways is schools for special needs children.