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By Irina Myriam . 15/04/2020

Covid-19 Consequences: How Preschools Are Hit by a Pandemic

Read about how the outbreak has affected Malaysian preschools.


By Anis Farhanah . 27/02/2020

Tadika Sri Kenanga has a team of qualified and dedicated professionals, offering a guarantee of respect for children through a caring, healthy, safe, and fun educational surrounding that is geared towards optimal learning and development.




By Felicia Yen . 16/05/2018

Choo Choo Train Licensee Recruitment

Choo Choo Train Baby & Child Care Centre’s growing franchise network is a true testament to why it is the market leader in making a profound impact in our next generation . Hop on the train and become a licensee.


By . 08/06/2016

Gakken Classroom: Helping Children in Malaysia Discover the Joy of Learning Maths and Science

Gakken Classroom from Japan provide Math and Science class which are for 5 to 12 years children. Children get THINKING SKILL and SELF LEARNING SKILL through Math and Science.


By . 05/02/2016

SI World Special Needs Centers, Malaysia

For people with disabilities, there may be sensory integrative dysfunction, a sort of “traffic jam” in the brain where certain parts do not get the sensory information that a person needs to function properly.




By . 28/09/2015

Interview - Odyssey, The Global Preschool

Odyssey, The Global Preschool first opened its doors in Malaysia in 2014, introducing the Reggio Emilia theory in early childhood education. Kiddy123 interviews Odyssey's Programme Specialist, Patrick Terence Lim, to learn more about Reggio Emilia.


By . 12/05/2015

Interview - The children's house

Established since 1986, The children’s house is the first licensed preschool to introduce the complete Montessori method of education. Kiddy123 recently interviewed its founder, Ms. Nan Civel, to learn more about The children’s house.


By . 03/05/2015

Exclusive Q&A with Disney’s Art Attack New Host - Marco M. Borromeo

Marco M. Borromeo is the brand new host of Disney’s Art Attack! Hailing from Cebu City, the Philippines, 32-year-old Marco is a familiar face who models and hosts various programmes and events in his home country.


By . 24/04/2015

Interview - Amare Dance Academy

Amare Dance Academy is offering training in dance for both RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and ISTD (Imperial Society Of Teachers Of Dancing). Kiddy123 recently interviewed Ms. Yen Lyn, the owner of Amare Dance Academy.


By . 16/04/2015

Interview - Kidsville International Preschool

Kidsville International Preschool utilizes the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), a franchise curriculum from the USA. Learning through play and creative thinking are vital elements that will shape a child here.