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Interview - Amare Dance Academy

by on 24/04/2015 6813

Please briefly introduce Amare Dance Studio.

Amare Dance Academy was established in 2011, a dance school in the Kuala Lumpur specialized in ballet and with over 18 years in teaching and dancing experience recognized by both Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing (ISTD) and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). With its experienced staff and teachers, Amare Dance Academy provides an excellent environment for the development in dance techniques as well as nurturing and maintaining the passion and love for dance.


Why do you think children should learn dancing?

Dance education beginning in early childhood and continuing into adulthood benefits the body, mind and spirit. Dance provides an important opportunity to express oneself non-verbally. Dance helps to increase flexibility, tones and strengthens the body.


What is the suitable age to start learning ballet?

Preferably 3 ½ years old, however it’s alright to start at a later age as long as they have the passion and interest in dancing.

What do they learn in a ballet class?


Ballet emphasizes on musical variety, movement in space and children's imagination. At the same time it helps to develop children physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality, while learning the basic steps of ballet technique. Our school’s curriculum focuses on the developmental needs, interests and abilities of children as they begin their lifelong quest of being knowledgeable and expressive movers.


It is a common perception that children should learn ballet first instead of another type of dance. How true is this? Why is it so?

Yes, it is a common perception that children should learn ballet first as this would eventually start up the foundation that prepares children for other transition to other dance genres easier.


Can adults learn ballet too? Do you have adult ballet class?

Yes of course adult can learn ballet, it's never too late to learn ballet. It actually helps to prevent dementia as you will need full concentration and it’s good for adults with curvature of the spine because you have to hold your head and core muscles upright. Our adult ballet class is on every Thursday, 7:30pm.


What other dance classes do you offer at your centre? What is the fees range?


Our school fees range from RM103 – RM410 depending on level per term.We have recently launched a new modern class, for student who prefer more upbeat dance.


What should parents look for when searching for dance classes for their children?

When searching for a dance school, a parent should ensure that the school provides qualities such as Professional Setting, Qualified Teacher, A Cushioned Dance Floor; never allow your child to attend a dance class at a dance studio with a concrete floor, Small Class Sizes and a Pleasant Environment


How long have you been teaching dance? What is your dance background?

All our teachers in Amare Dance Academy have more than 10 years of teaching experience. Most of the teachers started from ballet and some have tap and modern dance experience as well.


Did you face any challenges in this industry? What are they and how did you overcome them?

Of course, it is not easy to run a school nowadays as children now have more activities in their daily school as well. This really gave us a challenge, especially in setting a timetable for our school in order to suit the majority of the students. We are glad that we have parents who are understanding and supportive towards their children’s passion who willing to drive them every week.

Check out Amare Dance Academy and Facebook page to learn more about Amare Dance Academy.

Address: Level 1, Amoda 88, 88 Jalan Yew, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +6016 203 0370 / +603 9221 9022