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By Cindy Fernandez . 07/10/2019

How Can Schools Play Their Part in Instilling Proper Hand Hygiene Habits in Children?

SC Johnson is reputed worldwide for its Professional range of hygiene products. Among them are a line of hand cleaning solutions for children’s use, highly suitable for modern kindergartens and schools.




By Adi Farhud . 16/05/2019

Children & Technology Addiction

New technologies, led by the Internet are an extraordinary force for good; they revolutionised the way that we do things today but bear in mind that they're not designed with child in mind.


By Hanim Hafiza . 19/12/2018

Child Abuse – What It Is and How Can You Prevent It

According to the Malaysian Welfare Department, 4 child abuse cases occur a day on average. That’s 5,110 cases a year, but only 1,500 cases were reported in 5 years. This has become an untreated epidemic in our country and requires urgent attention.


By Adi Farhud . 19/10/2018

13 First-Aid Kit Essentials & Tips Every Parent Should Know

Some knowledge of simple first aid skills can mean the difference between life and death. Start learning these simple first aid skills and share what you’ve learnt with others - let’s educate each other!


By . 12/03/2018

Children Are Losing Their Ability To Hold Pencils Due To Technology

With technology being readily available in this age and time, it’s becoming increasingly common for parents to use this as a way to keep their children happy and distracted.


By . 13/02/2018

Dental Care For Special Needs Children

Children with special needs require additional assistance when it comes to their oral health.


By . 25/10/2017

How Screen Time is Affecting You and Your Child's Health

There's no escaping screens in the world today, and new studies are constantly surfacing about the impact on our eyes and over health. This article will explore the ways in which these dangerous effects can be minimized.


By . 04/11/2016

Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse

To safeguard children from sexual predators, parents would need to step up to educate kids about sex and create safe environments for them in their daily lives.


By . 05/01/2015

Ask the Expert - Sex Education

Kiddy123's resident expert, Prof. Dr. Eric Lim takes on your questions about parenting and childcare


By . 25/08/2014

Nutritious Food for Kids is Not Expensive!

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that in order to feed their kids healthy food, they need to buy the most expensive or branded items. But it's worth to remember that, Expensive doesn’t mean quality and cheap doesn’t mean bad.