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By . 21/05/2013

Eye Care For Kids

Having problem with children’s blurry vision? Get some useful tips from this article to help your children to stay away from vision problem…


By . 20/05/2013

The destructive power of the second child

Having two children is the perfect fit for a ‘happy family’ portrait. But contrary to this misconception, various research and studies in this area has shown that even the strongest marriages are susceptible to the pressures of second-child syndrome.


By . 17/05/2013

Baby's Here, But Is My Marriage Going Out?

Everything was fine for the first 2 months, then the stress came. How someone so small and so cute can put so much strain on a marriage?


By . 15/05/2013

Teach Your Children to Be Money Savvy

So many families are very tight lipped when it comes to money and money management. It’s definitely prerequisite for child to pick up the money sense since young so that he can manage his money better in the future.


By . 13/05/2013

Overcome Stage Fright

It is quite natural for your children to be overwhelmed by anxiety, but you definitely can do something to reassure them about their very first stage performance.


By . 03/05/2013

Blastful Weekend for KL Kids

Here are some suggested places that you can have a blast with your children spending quality weekend’s time in KL!


By . 29/04/2013

Choose The Right Musical Instrument For Your Children

Have you ever realized which music instrument that your children will enjoy the most? Is it really good for us to decide what the best instrument is for them to learn, solely based on the most popular instrument learnt by others?


By . 26/04/2013

Teach Your Children To Accept Failures

Is it right for us to always deliberately lose to our children while playing games with them? It doesn’t serve any purpose when it gives ways to their reluctance to accept failure.


By . 24/04/2013

Fantastic Weekend With Theater Performance

Looking for a fun weekend for your kids? Well, now you can give them a fun and educational weekend in May!


By . 14/04/2013

Pretend Play With Your Kids

Include pretend play as one of the elements apart from other learning activities you have scheduled for your kids. Let them roam free in the world of playing, and build up their foundation with fun!