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By . 14/01/2019

Selected Preschools in Klang

Top selections of Montessori preschools in Klang, tadika and kindergartens in Bandar Botanic, Bukit Tinggi, Bayu Perdana & more!


By Felicia Yen . 08/01/2019

Tadika Tunas Impian runs with an objective to ensure that parents and their children feel supported on their journey of learning. Nothing matters more than the education, well-being and health of every child that is enrolled in the school.


By Adi Farhud . 03/01/2019

Tadika Sri Nobel, Kelana Jaya

Tadika Sri Nobel is a preschool offering the Fungates education system for children between the ages of 36 months to 6 years old. Established in 2006, Tadika Sri Nobel strives to foster the wholesome development of each individual child.


By Felicia Yen . 03/01/2019

With a comprehensive support network for children, including enrichment programmes and child-minding services, great opportunities are created at MRC Kids Sri Petaling to help children build strong foundation skills for lifelong success.


By Felicia Yen . 31/12/2018

Fun Things to do with Kids in January 2019

Experience kid friendly activities in the first month of 2019.


By Adi Farhud . 19/12/2018

Financial Literacy For Children: Financial Conversations To Have With Your Kid

In most households, money is often deemed to be taboo dinner table topic, the same way how politics, religion, sex, or death were sometimes deemed to be taboo. Many parents are hesitant to broach the subject.


By Hanim Hafiza . 19/12/2018

Child Abuse – What It Is and How Can You Prevent It

According to the Malaysian Welfare Department, 4 child abuse cases occur a day on average. That’s 5,110 cases a year, but only 1,500 cases were reported in 5 years. This has become an untreated epidemic in our country and requires urgent attention.


By Adi Farhud . 19/12/2018

Types Of Primary School Education In Malaysia: Things To Consider When Choosing One

School selection can be understandably daunting. Every parent wants the best for their child. Not just any primary school, but one that works best for your child's personality, strengths, needs and interests.


By Felicia Yen . 17/12/2018

Ballet for Kids: Best Age To Start, Level Placement, & Benefits

What started out as a classical form of entertainment of the noble courts is now befit for anyone and everyone. Regardless of age, fitness level, body size and gender, anyone can enjoy the beauty of ballet and reap the many benefits that come with it


By Felicia Yen . 14/12/2018

Parents can be confident that LING Montessori House is a place where they will find an education partner who will ensure every child graduates with many joyous memories – enough to build a solid foundation for a lifelong love of learning.