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By - Adi Farhud . 23/03/2018

Alpha Academy is a new enrichment school in Mont' Kiara founded by a group of like-minded parents and teachers with the prodigious aim that's to deliver the best possible personalised early childhood education for pre-schoolers.

By - Felicia Yen . 15/03/2018

Looking to ignite young minds while maintaining friendships with other busy mom friends? Look no further. Kinderia is a one-stop centre that offers a plethora of workshops for children, space for hire and a cafe with scrumptious food and coffee.

By - Violet Ng . 14/03/2018

Indoor Playgrounds in Klang Valley

Malaysia is full of outdoor activities that generally are very child-friendly. But sometimes you want that extra accessibility indoor playgrounds offer. Here is a list of top indoor playgrounds around Klang Valley coupled with some coupon codes.

By . 12/03/2018

Children Are Losing Their Ability To Hold Pencils Due To Technology

With technology being readily available in this age and time, it’s becoming increasingly common for parents to use this as a way to keep their children happy and distracted.

By - Felicia Yen . 12/03/2018

How To Make Your Child Love Preschool

Everybody and their grandparents know that kids love to ask “Why?”. Let the kids know that school is the place where they can get all the answers to their whys and the wherefores.

By - Felicia Yen . 09/03/2018

Choo Choo Train Baby & Child Care Centre makes it easy for parents making the big decision on early education for their precious little ones. It is the centre's passion to nurture a sense of discovery and wonder in every unique child.

By - Adi Farhud . 08/03/2018

What Musical Instruments Are Good For Preschoolers

Learning to play an instrument has numerous cognitive benefits. Research has shown playing music at a young age stimulates their brain and helps them develop numerous physiological benefits.

By - Peter Ng . 07/03/2018

St. Ronan provides an all-round and holistic preschool education and implements a syllabus and curriculum that has been approved by the MoE. It also developes a student’s moral character and attitude and prepares them for lifelong learning.

By - Peter Ng . 05/03/2018

Q-dees Hillpark is an excellent kindergarten offering a holistic preschool education via its Foundation and Enhanced Foundation programmes, fostering a child’s keen sense of curiosity and passion for learning.


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By - Violet Ng . 02/03/2018

Travel Ideas That are Child Friendly in Malaysia

Having fun with the entire family doesn't have to be expensive. Have a look at our list of activities that your family can do that is wallet friendly.