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10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras

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10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras
10Stars Preschool, Mahkota Cheras

Essential Details

Centre's Category: Enrichment Classes, Leadership & Public Speaking

Year Established: 2022

Program / Teaching Method: StarEnglish, StarMath, StarMandarin, and StarCare

Medium of Communication: English

Average Class Size: 8 to 10 child in a class

Available Classes: Singapore Maths, Best English Literacy program

Facilities: Clean & hygienic place

Admission & Fees: From RM200 to RM1,000

Disclaimer: School fees are subject to change at the discretion of the school. Kindly get in touch with the school for the most up-to-date information upon application and enrolment.

Meals Provided: Yes

Transportation Service: Yes

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm


10Stars was founded by a group of experienced professionals with a combined 40 years of working experience, who recognized the advantages that children in other countries gain from diverse learning experiences and exposure. 10Stars is a one-stop learning establishment that provides pre-primary educational programs for children 3-6 years of age.

Why choose us?
At 10Stars, we strive to give your child a head start in their education by preparing them for SJKC Primary Schools. Our unique approach combines both local and international syllabuses, providing your child with a well-rounded and holistic education. We believe that every child is a competent and capable learner in their own right, and we foster this by providing an engaging, interactive, and safe learning environment.

Mandarin Immersion / Gain an edge in SJKC schools
We recognize that many parents choose SJKC schools for their children's education. That’s why we offer both Singapore Maths and Science in Mandarin - the same language used in SJKC schools. By teaching in Mandarin, we hope to provide our students with a seamless transition, while also helping them develop a strong foundation in the language.


The programs that we offer:

At 10Stars, we want your child to be well-versed in all the 3 main languages; English, BM, and Mandarin. Our Australian English Program; Little Lovers Love Literacy is a proven phonics and reading program that will build your child’s confidence in reading, writing, and spelling.


Thematic Learning Through Storytelling
We believe in a unique approach to education that combines the power of imagination with the joy of learning. Our classroom is designed to spark the curiosity of young minds, and we do that through thematic storybook learning while providing exposure to two different languages- Mandarin (3 days) and English (2 days).


Each month, we select a new storybook that becomes the focus of our learning journey. We create exciting and fun activities related to the storybook. Our activities are designed to enhance different skills such as reading, listening, and conversational speaking. We believe that active learning through discussions, role-playing, and creative activities related to the story is one of the best ways to learn a language.


By engaging in conversations and role-playing, our students get to practice their language skills in a real-life context. They learn how to express their ideas, opinions, and emotions natural way. They learn how to use their body language, tone, and intonation to express themselves effectively.


No two days are the same in our class! We want our children to be excited about coming to school, and we do that by keeping things fresh and interesting.





Day Care
Our daycare service provides a safe and comfortable environment for your child, where they can learn, play, and grow under the watchful eye of our experienced teachers. We offer homework coaching and independent learning opportunities, ensuring that your child receives the support they need to excel academically. Besides that, our classes include Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, English, and maths- all following the KSSR syllabus. We also have an arts and craft class once a week, so that your child will explore their artistic side and develop their fine motor skills, in a fun yet meaningful way.



Our FasTracKids Preschool program creates a foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Our goal is to prepare your child not only for school but for life by blending core language programs with creatively designed subjects based on the Emilia Reggio approach. Our innovative approach introduces math and literacy concepts, early writing skills, and letter recognition using cutting-edge technology, which sets us apart from traditional play-based programs.


Our curriculum combines hands-on activities, role plays, experiments, and videotaping to develop a fun, and interactive lesson. We understand the importance of developing public speaking and presentation skills in your child's growth, which is why we incorporate videotaping at the end of each lesson.

As they practice self-expression and overcome shyness, your child's self-confidence and self-esteem will grow. This will build a solid foundation for future learning.


With a diverse range of 12 main topics from humanity to science-based subjects including engaging art and craft activities, it definitely will pique your child’s interest. Here is what they will be learning:


Children discover the wonders of plant, animal and human life. "Virtual trips to the Amazon, Sahara and Antarctica also allow them to learn about unique ecosystems.


Examination of transportation, electrical and computer technologies helps children discover what makes everyday items work.

Goals and Life Lessons

Children learn about teamwork as they explore how to set and reach goals. Through role-play activities, they examine feelings, positive solutions to peer pressure and rules of safety.


Children count items as part of games and art activities. They compare geometric shapes, units of measurement, clocks and time.



Natural Science

Through scientific experiments involving magnetism, flotation, molecular change and buoyancy, children gain an understanding of scientific observation and analysis.


Children explore different tools of communication and information exchange that have been used throughout history. Role-play and optional videotaped activities also give children the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills


Creativity in such areas as music, art and dance are fostered through interactive computer lessons, stories and activities. Children also learn about cultural differences in creative expression around the world.

Earth Science

The Earth reveals its wonder and variety as children explore climate, geology and forces of nature. Computer activities and games allow children to take imaginary world journeys to examine the composition of the Earth from its surface to its core.


Children explore spatial and abstract thinking as they learn about space travel, the sun, moon and planets. "Virtual" trips through space allow them to learn about such concepts as gravity and weightlessness.


Children learn about different writing styles and emotional expressions as they examine literature from around the world. Through role-play activities, they discover how to separate fact from opinion, and how to express ideas with enthusiasm.

Speech, Drama & Art

Through exploration of the performing arts, children learn how to communicate their own unique ideas.


Business becomes real as children examine products from around the world. In addition, they participate in an imaginary research survey and create a marketing strategy that helps them to see the impact of economics on their daily lives.



Parents Testimonials

Mrs Ng SH rates this listing with

The program is simple and easy for my kid to follow.

29/03/2023 - 12:40 pm


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