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What Is Right-Brain Training And Where To Enrol In Malaysia

by on 15/01/2023 3022

The brain is divided into two halves: the right and left hemispheres. A "left-brained" person is seen as more objective, logical, and analytical, while a "right-brained" person is thought to be more expressive, creative, and intuitive.


The right-brain is in charge of one's subconscious mind and imaginative powers, whereas the left-brain governs a person's intellect and reasoning skills. By strengthening the right-brain, one can process knowledge more quickly and retain it for longer periods of time. Additionally, it can improve a child's general emotional intelligence and help them understand emotions.


So, let's take a closer look at what right-brain training is and where are the places you can send your children for these classes.


What Is Right-Brain Training For Your Child?

What Is Right-Brain Training And Where To Enrol In Malaysia

A learning approach known as "Right Brain Training" was created specifically for children between the ages of 1.5 and 7. Its goal is to instil a love of learning while also strengthening the right side of the brain.


The primary objective of such a training format is to expose the student and encourage them to participate willingly. Although a wide range of topics are adequately addressed, they are done in an engaging and energising approach.


According to studies, a child's right hemisphere develops more quickly from birth to age 7, more so by three years. As a result, it becomes more vital than ever for parents to make the most of the time by expanding their children's horizons in terms of knowledge and insight.


There are many untapped potentials in your child's small mind. And it is your duty as parents to open doors to chances for skill development, increasing confidence, and more. Right-brain training emphasises the following


  • Visual learning
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Rich creativity


Right Brain vs Left Brain Function

Before moving on to the Right Brain VS Left Brain overview, it is important to understand how the right and left sides of the brain function to comprehend your child's mind better.


Right Brain Function

Left Brain Function

Photographic Memory


Being Intuitive/Agile


Rich Creativity

Greater Concentration

Emotional Intelligence


Reading Emotions

Language Oriented


Your children would be eager to participate in the program because it would be the most engaging and packed with fun activities and experiments.


Ways To Train Your Child's Right Brain

Your child's brain can be developed at this stage based on improved memory retention and a subconsciously intuitive mind. However, right-brain training also aims to strengthen a child's visual abilities.


Here are some ways to help train your child's right brain at home.




What Is Right-Brain Training And Where To Enrol In Malaysia

Every child enjoys music. It allows for self-expression and also serves as a means of teaching your child about various emotions and expressions. Music also enables their minds and bodies to relax and concentrate on the meaning of the song. In the later years, children who are being exposed to much will be able to improve the following abilities:


  • Coordination
  • Concentration
  • Patients


Your child learns and retains information better if you show them engaging videos. The best options for helping children understand some fundamental ideas would be through the following activities:


  • Musical poems
  • Storytelling
  • Games




What Is Right-Brain Training And Where To Enrol In Malaysia

In order to activate your child's right brain, flashcards are a great and simple tool to utilise. You can rapidly flash picture cards to help your child improve their visual memory. That way, their right brain is triggered when cards are flashed quickly, which causes them to focus on the cards.


As your child works to memorise the cards when it's been flashed, they are also improving their ability to recall information quickly.




What Is Right-Brain Training And Where To Enrol In Malaysia

Another excellent tool for training the right brain is visualisation. Your child will become more intuitive, and their critical thinking will be strengthened as they are assisted in imagining various scenarios.


You can either advise your child to close their eyes naturally or cover them, then immediately present a story. They will be better able to visually connect the dots and develop their photographic memory as a result. Additionally, you may display cutouts of vivid images to them and later explore further.


Places In Malaysia For Brain Training

BrainCarve Malaysia, Subang Jaya

BrainCarve is a one-of-a-kind development curriculum designed specifically for children aged 5 to 16. The six-in-one programme focuses on the two modern enrichment areas that are most in-demand: personality development and mathematics. Here are the six courses that cover various areas of Whole Brain Development:


  1. Magic fingers
  2. Abacus
  3. Vedic maths
  4. Thinking techniques
  5. Win in 60 seconds
  6. Memory techniques