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Our Top Picks for Best Distance Learning Tools

by on 23/04/2020 6456

We can’t deny that distance learning is quite a challenge. To make it easier, we’ve picked out a group of tools to make it easier for schools to deliver lessons, communicate effectively and facilitate fun learning even when we can’t do it in person now. Best thing, most are free to use.



Google Classroom

This may be the easiest way to launch online classes and stay connected remotely.

  • Easy to create classes – To join a class, teachers just have to share a code with her students.

  • Effective communication – Teachers can post announcements and facilitate class discussions instantly.

  • Seamless assignment workflow – Teachers can assign, grade and review assignments securely. Students can access course materials anytime and anywhere.

  • Stay organised – Keeps all class materials, including assignments, videos and photos, neatly organised in Google Drive folders.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS and Android

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Teachers can share lessons, communicate with students and keep parents updated all with one tool and a variety of languages.

  • Teachers can live stream class instruction, present activities and create quizzes that the whole class can do online.

  • Discover new lessons and get inspired by resources posted by other teachers around the world.

  • Facilitate classroom discussions with students and send direct messages to parents.

  • Students can stay more organised with an in-built planner that will be updated automatically.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS and Android

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This software allows teachers to customise lessons and students to participate interactively in virtual classrooms.

  • Teachers can create customisable lessons by using Google Slides or by importing existing lessons (ppts, pdfs, jpegs) in minutes.

  • There are thousands of ready-to-run lessons created by other educators. Some are free, some needs to be paid.

  • Teachers can control lessons across all student devices and evaluate student responses live or create post-session reports.

  • Students are kept engaged in every lesson as they are always required to participate actively with open-ended questions, drawing tools, activities, quizzes, virtual field trips and more.

Price: Free, Paid, In-app purchases

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS and Android

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Cut down lesson prep time with this online classroom planner.

  • Create digital lessons and customise with videos and photos.

  • There’s a Standards Progression tool that can help keep classroom progress on track. 

  • View and edit lessons on any device, and also share lessons with colleagues.

  • Easy to organise subjects, timetables and semesters.

Price: Free, Paid

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS and Android

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Google Hangouts

Engage in a conversation or start a free video call to keep in touch with all your contacts worldwide.

  • Setting up is a breeze. Simply just share a link and talk.

  • Talk to one person or communicate as a group of up to 10 people across any devices.

  • Add more to the conversation with videos and photos.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS and Android

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Microsoft Teams

Host audio or video meetups with your school community and achieve more as a team.

  • Chat privately or in groups without compromising security.

  • Host live presentations with up to 10,000 attendees inside or outside your school.

  • Access features that allows you to share files in real time and save what’s important.

Price: Free with Office 365

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS and Android

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It’s easy for spontaneous video group chats and works fine with low-bandwidth connections.

  • Host online classes or group chats for up to 100 people in a snap.

  • Easily share photos, web, Dropbox or Google Drive files.

  • There’s a 40 minute time limit for free group sessions.

Price: Free 

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS and Android

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This alternative now allows group sessions up to 50 participants without having to sign-in.

  • With a Chrome browser, there’s no need to install anything before starting a group video chat.

  • Participants can record sessions and rewatch them for up to 30 days, which can come in handy.

  • For anyone living in a messy space, there’s a feature to blur the background. Super handy.

Price: Free 

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS and Android

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This is a simple communication platform that helps build a positive school community instead of just a classroom.

  • Children’s work can be neatly stored in their own digital portfolios for easy track recording.

  • Teachers and students can share feedback on progress along the way, and parents can access character building activities for their kids. This is a great way to encourage skills and values like teamwork, perseverance and mindfulness in students.

  • Teachers and parents can instantly message each other without sharing any contact details.

  • When everybody can go back to school like normal, teachers can share the classroom experience with parents through photos and videos.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS and Android

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Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic offers day-to-day projects categorised into topics to keep Kindergarten up to Year 9 kids occupied at home. There are reading materials, activity ideas, tips and tricks for home learning, and other resources for both teachers and families.


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Enhance school lessons with Duolingo. Get children to become proficient in new languages through fun, game-like lessons that are quick to pick up and effective to learn. Master Chinese, French or even Swahili with new words, vocabulary and grammar covered in every lesson.


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Khan Academy

Click on “Courses” to access online learning resources sorted by subjects, including Maths, Science, Reading, Social-emotional learning and Arts. Lessons cover preschool learning to high school lessons. Children can practice interactively online.


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YouTube Read Aloud @Brightly Storytime

Read along to full-length picturebooks either presented by the anchor storyteller, Ms. Linda, or the authors themselves. Snuggle up for some weekly story time to raise lifelong readers.


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