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The Common Misconception of Homeschooling in Malaysia

by on 05/10/2022 3165

It can be difficult for parents to select the ideal educational path for their children, especially because Malaysia has a diversified educational system. Every school system may have preconceived assumptions, but it is important to remember that these systems are commonly accepted because of their strengths.

Previously, homeschooling meant tutoring your children at home or engaging one or more private tutors to come over and do the job for you. Due to your own or the private tutor's limited knowledge, this frequently places limitations on your children as there may be certain educational aspects that could have been missed.

However, homeschooling in Malaysia extends beyond what is commonly understood as the term and practice. Let's debunk some of the common misconceptions about homeschooling in Malaysia.


Common Homeschooling Misconceptions In Malaysia

Homeschooling Is Done At Home

The Common Misconception of Homeschooling in Malaysia

Perhaps the "home" portion of the term "homeschooling" is the reason why people think those who are homeschooled stay home all day. However, home schools in Malaysia conduct their academic activities in large buildings or rented office units. The children at the learning centre in Malaysia are taught regular school syllabus in a dedicated setting by knowledgeable teachers who give each student their full attention.

Homeschooled students can get the teacher's full attention because there are fewer students to be tutored at a home school compared to public schools in Malaysia.

Extracurricular Activities Are Not Included

The Common Misconception of Homeschooling in Malaysia

Contrary to what you may think. homeschooled children frequently get more opportunities during the day to engage in extracurricular activities. This includes playing outside or recreational reading, since they are not constantly waiting for a class of students to finish their work before moving on. Youth sports teams frequently feature homeschooled students, and some communities even give families of homeschooled children financial aid so their children can participate in sports programs.

Besides, the majority of home schools in Malaysia have parks or sports facilities nearby to their buildings where they go for extracurricular activities at least once every week.

Besides, the majority of home schools in Malaysia have parks or sports facilities nearby to their buildings where they go for extracurricular activities at least once every week.

Homeschooling Is Unaffordable

The idea that homeschooling is costly is a common misconception. However, all IGCSE-certified syllabus will be taught to your child in small class sizes, allowing the teacher sufficient time and energy to cater to your child in the most efficient manner possible.

Comparing the cost of IGCE homeschooling to the level of education it provides, it is actually not that expensive. In addition, there are some home schools that continue to offer excellent education at a reasonable cost.

Unqualified Teachers

In Malaysia, obtaining a teaching degree is part of the requirements to be employed in a home school. This is done so that the teachers will be able to pass on a large amount of knowledge to the students. Additionally, this will also ensure that the teachers understand the syllabus that they are teaching to the students and prepare them for higher education.

Homeschools In Malaysia Are Only For Children With Special Needs

In reality, homeschooling in Malaysia follows the same IGCSE curriculum as all other regular private schools. Students who are homeschooled can complete their O Level more quickly than their peers in public and private schools due to the flexibility and shorter academic years.

This is also another popular misconception. Homeschooling in Malaysia does not benefit only children with learning difficulties or special needs.

Homeschooled Children Are Social Outcasts

The most common misconception regarding homeschoolers is that homeschooled children are less socialised than their peers. This is a complete myth.

In reality, homeschooling frequently entails venturing outside the designated learning area, and a typical day may involve family, friends, neighbours, and members of the local community. These regular interactions contribute to developing relationships and practical communication skills. This is significantly more advantageous for children than what they would learn in a traditional classroom environment.


Your Child Deserve The Best Schooling Experience

The Common Misconception of Homeschooling in Malaysia

Even though it may not be as regulated as a typical school day, homeschooling typically involves a schedule. Additionally, it has a curriculum that is both concentrated and adaptable enough to a child's interests, with an end-of-year objective.

But since every child is unique, what works for one child could not have the same impact on another. In the end, it's crucial to keep in mind that as long as decisions are made with your child's best interests in mind, there is no right or wrong answer.

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