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Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil

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  • Offers full day programmes for 3 to 6-year-olds
  • Provides strong learning foundation for children
  • Supports kids’ holistic development
  • Promotes character building
  • Enrichment classes available


Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil, is a new early childhood learning centre that’s founded and managed by a devoted teacher. Having a decade of experience teaching children, the centre’s founder and principal, Ms Tham, decided to open her own preschool that would serve to address behaviour and learning issues she had noticed over the years.

She envisions Happy Tots Preschool as a place where teachers will truly pay attention to the needs of individual children, and will not ignore a child’s progress just because behavioural issues appear. Her aim, at the end of the day, is to find ways to better help young children achieve their potential.

A Great Environment for Kids

Happy Tots Preschool is a bright and spacious centre, where kids can play and feel relaxed. Children will surely love the indoor playground, equipped with swings and a climbing rope ladder.

Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil

The centre’s floor is covered in green artificial grass, which not only looks inviting to kids, but also reduces the chance of injuries. The centre intentionally adopts a minimal and clean look, one that helps reduce distractions due to clutter.

Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil

Well-Balanced Curriculum

The learning programme at Happy Tots Preschool follows a thematic and project-based approach. It is very hands-on and designed to adequately prepare children for their next step in life: primary school. Students here will be nurtured in a way that sets them up to be lifelong learners—children who have the fundamental learning skills needed to thrive, no matter the type of school (government, international, or Chinese) they choose to join after. The curriculum also appropriately challenges students and inspires a keen sense of curiosity.

Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil
Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil

Another important aspect that this preschool focuses on is character building. Teachers here try to instil good values and habits in young children, encouraging them to be independent and responsible. The skills that kids learn here serve them beyond just academics.

Enrichment Classes

Parents may choose from a number of enrichment classes that include subjects such as cooking, arts & crafts, and science. These lessons are practical, creative and fun for young children.

Students in these classes develop a number of skills that incorporate different learning areas, such as language, science, and arts. For example, in cooking class, kids learn about concepts such as ‘melt’ and ‘dissolve’.

Qualified Teachers

The teachers who work at Happy Tots Preschool are all qualified, with a minimum of a diploma in early childhood education. They are also caring, loving and passionate about the development of young children. The team is always striving to deeper understand each student, and to encourage them to grow.

Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil

Keeping Students Safe

Kids at this centre are kept safe and secure, as the space is regularly cleaned and maintained. There is a CCTV system installed and the doors are always kept locked.

When it comes to COVID-19 prevention, the centre follows the entirety of the government guidelines for operations. They even carry out extra temperature checks on students, as a precautionary action.

Moreover, the centre calls in outside professionals to properly sanitize the place.

Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil

Positive Relationships with Parents

Children who attend this preschool are constantly monitored for daily progress. To easily update and communicate with parents, the centre uses WhatsApp group chats.

Once a year, a formal parent-teacher day will be organised; but Ms Tham speaks to parents whenever she meets them, and is happy to have them contact her if they have any concerns or questions. 

Happy Tots Preschool, Bukit Jalil

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