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Chinese New Year Ang Pow Rates For Kids

by on 13/02/2018 9161

As Chinese New Year is just around the corner, many parents would be preparing red ang pow packets for their children. Ang pows are given from married adults to children, teenagers and unmarried adults. They are usually decorated with lucky symbols and chinese characters to wish the receiver good fortune and luck, to ward off bad luck and also for good health in the new year. Some unmarried working adults may also give ang pows to their parents and elderly relatives as a form gratitude, well wishes and longevity blessings.

If you are new to this tradition or are planning on giving out ang pow this year, you may be wondering how much should I put in each ang pow and what should the amount be? Here’s a guide to plan for the upcoming ang pow giving session.

Consider the different categories of recipients:

  • For your own children (Suggested amount: RM50-100)   

    Your highest value ang pow should be reserved for the ones closest to you
  • For your unmarried sisters and brothers (Suggested amount: RM20-50)

    Next in line in the ang pow hierarchy are your siblings as they were the ones who grew up together with you
  • For your single cousins, nieces, and nephews (Suggested amount: RM10-20)

    Ang pow for the extended family members are generally bigger than those given out to children of friends
  • For children of friends and acquaintances (Suggested amount: RM5-10)
    The smallest ang pows are for children of friends and acquaintances you meet during the many chinese new year gatherings

Tip: Use ang pow packets with different pattern or colours for the different tiers of receiver for easier ang pow management as the amount given is determined by the closeness of relationship with the receiver.



Consider your budget and financial means

There is no fixed amount set in stone to give as ang pow. Ultimately one should only give out the amount they can afford. Do factor in the estimated of ang pow packets you will be giving out to during the whole lunar new year period. Do not be obliged to give more due to societal pressure.