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5 Essential Skills Educators Must Own in 2022

by on 24/02/2022 3040

Since early 2020, teachers across the globe have had to tackle new methods of instruction and new ways to connect with their students due to the pandemic. Everything changed and evolved, bringing face-to-face lessons online, through a screen. Whilst adapting to school closures, and learning new virtual teaching formats, many educators have realised that it takes more than technological literacy to conduct a successful learning session, be it online or offline.

Here are the top skills that educators must own to excel in 2022:

Strong communication skills

Young children almost never know how to properly address themselves or communicate their needs – one of the reasons why early childhood educators have to excel in communication. Children spend most of their day with their teachers, and these teachers who possess strong communication skills send a positive example for these toddlers to follow suit. As they say, monkey see, monkey do.

Also, excellent communication skills will allow for better communication between coworkers and student’s parents. Reporting on a child’s progress to their parents require that teachers be as calm, collected, and eloquent as possible to portray a professional outlook. Businesses can also run smoothly with strong communication skills between top management and their staff.

Proper time management

Essential Skills Educators Must Own in 2022

A poorly managed schedule is a recipe for disaster for teachers, especially those who are juggling virtual classes, offline classes, and administration work. Its essential that a teacher needs to be skilled at providing relevant resources to students, while also managing meetings and events to avoid clashes, while also finding time to up skill themselves during all of this. Making time for all these (and possibly, even more!) can lead to a healthy classroom environment while also successfully gaining new knowledge.

Planning a strong curriculum based on research and developmentally appropriate practices is key, and also calls for proper time management. Being organised and having strong presentation skills can improve team meetings with fellow colleagues and overall also improve quality education for the children and helping them reach their various developmental milestones.


Educators use creativity on a daily basis, even in ways that one could even begin to imagine! Impromptu games or fun quizzes in class to fill in time if an urgent matters need attending to, or even finding fun, new ways to encourage children to clean up after themselves after play or meals, are just one of many examples of how teachers use their creativity every single day.

Teachers should come up with creative assessments to to engage students in their learning through online quiz portals, simulation activities and games, or open ended art projects. These activities will amplify the learning process, and help students to retain knowledge better and in turn, help children to develop motor skills, and boost their literacy and cognitive skills.

Flexibility and adaptability

It’s important for teachers to make themselves accessible, whether its via email or any other preferred forms of communication. This would help in attending to the needs of students, solving their doubts, and providing the right guidance at the right time.

Essential Skills Educators Must Own in 2022

Learning to implement various cutting-edge technologies will help teachers create immersive learning experiences for their students, be it online or in a physical classroom. Educators have to be flexible and adapt to new form of technology that’ll assist in teaching and assessments, as these dynamic times help us understand nuances and benefits of new applications on the go.


Classrooms post pandemic can be a handful, we understand. But educators who take a patient approach to both online and offline learning can offer higher levels of support towards their students.

Teachers too need to understand that children are adapting to the new norm, just as they are, and may need time to adjust. Educators can use their creativity to keep backup learning activities that can ease student’s awkwardness in the classroom and being around other children their age. Just take things slow, be calm, patient, and understanding. We’ll get used to it, eventually.