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Tadika Mesra Sesama, Puchong Utama

by on 28/08/2017

After operating a kindergarten for eight years and observing how children behave towards their parents, siblings, and others around them, Tadika Mesra Sesama principal Rose Heng made up her mind to bring back the moral principles and virtues that were taught by Confucius, Mencius and other ancient Chinese sages thousands of years ago. She sold off her kindergarten and spent two years in China to study their teachings and even taught in a Confucian school. Today, she is using the Qing Dynasty classic book Di Zi Gui (Standards for Being a good Student and Child) as a guide for her students.

Nowadays, children do not know how to behave and interact with those around them. That is why there are so many social problems today. Once they know the standards for being a good son/daughter, brother/sister, student or employee, they will know how to be a good person. To me, learning moral principles and virtues are even more important than learning the other school subjects. Without good morals and virtues, all your education will be wasted. When you work, your boss won’t look at your A1s, but rather how well-behaved, responsible and hardworking you areMs Heng

Besides the usual subjects such as Bahasa Melayu, English (Phonics), Mandarin, Reading, Maths, Art and Gym, her students will recite the Di Zi Gui with practical sessions on the teachings. They also learn Chinese classical poems and ancient stories on being dutiful to parents. As an added bonus, when the child completes the Di Zi Gui, he/she would have memorised a total of 1,080 Chinese characters. Ms Heng said, “When my students enter Chinese-medium schools, they find that they do very well in Chinese because of our training. We make sure that every child is able to read and recite the whole Di Zi Gui together with some writing work. I use story books to teach moral principles and virtues to the children as they will remember them better. But before the children proceed to the next book, I will check whether they truly understand the principles behind the story.

“I also tell parents about the Di Zi Gui so that they can help the children to put the principles into practice at home. If parents pamper them, children will develop weak characters and one day when the parents are old, they may find that their children do not take responsibility in caring for them. To keep our family system from disintegrating, we must teach the children while they are still young.”

Ms Heng has a challenging task ahead of her in changing the mindset of a whole generation of children. It has not been easy for her to introduce a new way of thinking by going back to the ancient ways but the success of her children in international level recitations of the Di Zi Gui must have encouraged her to go on to fulfill her vision of a better and more caring society.

Tadika Mesra Sesama, Puchong Utama

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