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Tadika Kristal Cerah, Puchong Utama

by on 28/08/2017

Tadika Kristal Cerah

When we visited Tadika Kristal Cerah, it looked like your usual neighbourhood kindergarten. But after talking to the principal Ms Carmen Lau, we realised that parents get more than what they are paying for. Her love for children led Ms Carmen Lau to teach in a Montessori kindergarten immediately after high school and, later, to take her diploma in early childhood care & education, and diploma in child psychology. Today, her concern is not only about her students’ academic performance but also about their thinking, attitude and behaviour. She is very concerned that children today get angry easily and are loud, rude and hyperactive. She sometimes even checks what diet they have at home to see whether it has any relationship with the child’s behaviour.

For some years now, I noticed that children are getting harder to handle. It could be the sugar content in the canned drinks or milk formula they consume, or the processed foods. Here, we try to give them healthy food. Also, first thing in the morning, we have exercises to calm the children down before starting their lessons. We also use the Brain Gym movement-based programme to enhance the children’s visual, auditory and kinaesthetic skills, which helps them to learn better and with less stress Ms Carmen

Her teachers have been trained to resolve issues that the students may have, but she will personally step in to counsel the children whenever necessary. Every day, before school dismisses, all teachers must submit a form that records which child was absent and any unusual incidents or behaviour that happened in class. ”Most parents focus on academic performance, but in actual fact, a child’s attitude is most important. If his/her attitude is bad, there is no point having the best education. Once the child has learnt to control his/her anger and behave properly, her/she will be able to relate to people and learning will be no problem.”

This added service has resulted in more and more parents sending “difficult” children to Ms Carmen for counselling and, today, she has expanded into her third centre. “I sympathise with parents. They sometimes really do not know what to do or how to help their child. With working parents, it is even more difficult as a lot of time and patience is required to counsel the child. Here, we do the best we can, but, at times, we may have to refer the child for professional help,” explained Ms Carmen.

To provide greater peace of mind to her students’ parents, Ms Carmen is using technology to keep them updated on their child and his/her progress in school. Tadika Kristal Cerah’s LittleLives Technology helps parents keep track of what time their child arrive and leave school, monitor the child’s health visually (rashes, fever, weight, height), have a portfolio of their child’s special moments in school, keep track of their child’s learning progress (lessons are uploaded into the portal), get updates of happenings or upcoming events in school, and tap into e-learning resources and interactive apps. With such added value, it is no wonder that her centres have expanded so quickly.

Tadika Kristal Cerah, Puchong Utama

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Taman Puchong Utama, Puchong, Selangor 47140
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