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Mortimer English Club, Bandar Puteri Puchong

by on 14/09/2017

From the land of German precision and efficiency, the world acclaimed BMW, the decadent black forest cake and the delightfully twisty pretzel comes an English learning programme called Mortimer. Mortimer is a fictional cartoon character created to accompany children through their English lessons. Affectionately known as Morty, he has travelled through time to the present due to a magical mistake made by his uncle and teacher, Godfrey. His teacher and two best friends, Malcolm the dragon and Betty the bat, have travelled with him and they are all learning about a lot of new things.

Mortimer English Club was founded to give both children and adults an opportunity to learn the English language through fun and games and without any pressure to perform. Mortimer is located in several parts of the Klang Valley with it’s headquarters situated in the bustling commercial area of Bandar Puteri Puchong. At first glance Mortimer looked just like the few hundred or so enrichment centres that have sprouted all over the Selangor and Kuala Lumpur area. However, looks can be deceiving and I was pleasantly surprised to find a very well appointed, cosy and welcoming environment as I arrived at Mortimer English Club.

After the usual pleasantries with Ms. Cindy Goh (Sales and Marketing Manager), I was introduced to the principal, Mr. Wilson Tham.

Learning with Mortimer is great fun and contributes to building self-esteem and establishes an ideal basis for the complex learning environment in schoolsMr. Tham

Delving deeper into the Mortimer method of teaching English, I discovered that Mortimer teaches via the Mother Tongue method: informally and with all the senses – through games, songs, movement, drawing and most importantly of all it is fun. The priority is on understanding and free speaking, not just grammar and cramming vocabulary.

The Mother Tongue approach to language teaching is inspired by the fact that children can effectively learn to speak their native tongue, even at an early age. Prompted and encouraged by the mother’s love and the family environment, the child and unsurprisingly even teenagers and adults respond and develope this most difficult of skills, that of intelligible speech. The cosy and homely environment at Mortimer English Club plus its dedicated and well-trained teachers makes it a perfect place for children as well as adults to learn the English language. Using this custom-designed teaching method, grammar is very clearly explained and reinforced with various exercises, puzzles, games and exciting topics. As oral communication in English is of paramount importance lessons are conducted in small groups or in one-to-one sessions so that the experience is more personalized and student centric.

Having comprehensive and attractive teaching materials such as activity books, CDs, picture cards and specially developed posters and games turn the lessons for young and old alike into an enjoyable adventure. The loveable characters of Morty, Godfrey, Malcolm the dragon and Betty the bat will keep students enthralled and motivated as the little ones improve their comprehension and speaking abilities and then begin to develop their reading and writing skills.

Mortimer English Club offers four programmes catering to different ages and differing levels of competency:

English for Little Ones (Beginner’s course for 1 to 2 year-olds)

The child’s brain at this age is hardwired for multiple languages. With simple dialogues, activities, songs and beautiful pictures we amaze the little ones.

English for Minis (Beginner’s course for 2 to 4 year-olds)

At this age children learn English just as easily as their mother tongue. The children are gently introduced to the language in small groups. Exciting games, songs and teaching materials turn the lessons into an interesting experience.

English for Children (Beginner’s and advanced level course for 4 to 10 year-olds)

Children will learn to understand and articulate words and short sentences through games, songs and activities. Reading, writing and grammar exercises are then introduced.

Fit for English (Advanced level course)

At this stage, grammar is clearly explained and reinforced with games, puzzles and exciting exercises. This is also the stage where oral communication and writing skills are emphasized.

There are no tests or exams to compete in for the students. They are encouraged to learn at their own pace and level and their progress is gauged via teachers’ observations and interactions. This enhances two-way communication and builds confidence.

Mortimer English Club has such an engaging and pleasant environment. The principal and staff are so approachable and obliging. I wish I were a 3 year-old again and am able to go on adventures with Morty, Godfrey, Malcolm and Betty as they explore and learn the English language.


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