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Magicforest - Educational toys that engage, educate and entertain

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It is an indisputable fact that kids love toys. Toys are more than just playthings for kids. Most toys would bring some form of educational benefit to a child’s development. The best toys are designed to engage a child’s senses, stimulate their imaginations and encourage interaction. This helps to develop social, cognitive and physical skills and strengthen the emotional bond between parents and the child. Good toys need to match a child’s different stages of development and emerging abilities.

Having deep roots in Early Childhood Care and Education in addition to having established a successful kindergarten, MAGICFOREST™ were dismayed at the limited choices and highly priced educational toys available locally. This dearth of resources inspired them to source for their own high quality educational toys from all over the world.

Today, MAGICFOREST™ proudly designs and manufacture their own brand of high quality educational wooden toys at affordable prices to parents, home schoolers and educators in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, China and Hong Kong. Their corporate mission is to manufacture and market a collection of unique learning products that engage, educate and entertain.

MAGICFOREST™ was founded and is owned by people who used the fact that they were parents themselves to understand and appreciate the importance of play in today’s changing early childhood environment. Their toys have been designed with the expressed purpose of not only stimulating but enhancing plus reinforcing the development of a child’s psycho-motor and cognitive skills during his early years.

To further ensure that the toys are appropriate for each developmental stage of a child, they have been categorized according to skills appropriate groups:

  • Aesthetic sensibility

  • Auditory stimulation

  • Colours

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Imagination

  • Manual skills

  • Music

  • Reasoning

  • Shapes

Following is a cross-section of the toys available from the age of a new-born to a child of 6 years old:

Babies (0-12 Months)

Babies use their emerging senses to identify every fascinating and new shape, colour, texture, taste and sound. Toys with different textures, contrasting colours and sounds are ideal for babies of this age. Since all toys will inevitably end up in their mouths, it is essential that the materials used are safe, robust, don’t have sharp edges and can be easily cleaned. All MAGICFOREST™ products are EN71 certified, one of the most recognized and extensive toy quality assurance certification in existence today.

Toddlers (1-3 years old)

Toddlers have better control of their hands and fingers and are starting to develop hand-eye coordination at this stage of their growth. There are a variety of toys that encourage the development of their fine motor skills. Completing a puzzle or building blocks stimulate their imagination and refine their hand-eye coordination. They start to pretend play as they imitate the world around them.

Preschool Children (4-6 years old)

When children reach preschool age, there is an exponential growth in their learning ability, enhanced by a longer attention span. This is a good time to introduce interactive educational toys to develop their spatial and balancing skills, cognitive functions and creativity. Building their own toys encourage and enhance their imaginations, observational skills and logical thinking. Toys that allow them to role play will give children hours of fun as they pretend to be chefs, airplane pilots, police officers, doctors or teachers. It’s important to understand that play is vital for young children, as playing enables them to start to understand the world around them. Choosing the right toy is key in supporting their development. It is very important to choose a toy that interests a child and that is relevant to his developmental pace than purely based on the age-indicator.

Toys by MAGICFOREST™ can be purchased online via their website and various online shopping sites that they have partnered with. Every item that is sold comes with a MAGICFOREST™ guarantee. If any defect is found, within 24 hours of delivery, on any MAGICFOREST™ item that have been purchased, the company will immediately arrange for a replacement. Plus, they also have an On-Time and Accurate delivery policy.

Educational toys have certainly come a long way since the paper airplane and the little tin soldier.


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