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Interview - LetzHop™ Mind Enrichment Centre

on 14/04/2015 2186

The first LETZHOP was established in December 2012 in Bandar Baru Bangi and began its operation in February 2013. LetzHop™ Sesame Street English is the first comprehensive multimedia English language learning program in Malaysia. Kiddy123 recently interviewed LetzHop™'s Executive Director, Ms. Aishah Abdul Rahman, to learn more about LetzHop™ Mind Enrichment Centre.

Can you introduce briefly about LetzHopTM and the background of this company?


LetzHopTM Mind Enrichment Centre (LETZHOP) is an education centre for children age 6 months to 12 years old. It is a place that is not only nurturing a child's intellectual development but also their social and emotional growths.


There are several programs offered at LETZHOP, among them are;


  • LETZHOP Sesame Street English Program
  • LETZHOP Three-2-Six Program
  • LETZHOP Zero-2-Three Program
  • LETZHOP Ready-2-Learn Program
  • LETZHOP Early Intervention Program (EIP)
  • LETZHOP Al-Hira’ Islamic Education Program (IEP)
  • LETZHOP School Holiday Program


One of our programs, LETZHOP Sesame Street English is the first comprehensive multimedia English language learning program in Malaysia. The curriculum is developed by Sesame Workshop, the producer of the renowned children educational TV program, Sesame Street. Our parent company, MMSC Ventures Sdn Bhd, is the appointed license holder for Sesame Street English whereby we are given the exclusive rights to run it here in Malaysia.


Endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri, LETZHOP now boasts 6 centres in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and is planning to open more around Malaysia over the years to come.


What inspired you to bring LetzHopTM Sesame Street English to Malaysia?


English is an international language of communication. It is mainly used in a globalised society and more than 1 billion people around the world speak and write using the language. Here in Malaysia, it is considered as a second language and an official language that is often used for international and inter-cultural communications. Thus, empowering it is essential to produce excellent human capital.


The curriculum provided in teaching the English language at school may be sufficient to some but our learning system may also be too academically-inclined or too exam-oriented to some in which it produces a lot of individuals who are very good theoretically rather than its practicality. It is true that we have been producing a lot of A-scorers of English language but just how many of them can actually communicate comfortably and confidently?


Realising the importance of empowering the language, we are inspired to bring the program to Malaysia and our determination is to let our children have access to a high quality of education syllabus and learn the language using the internationally acclaimed methodology in a fun and engaging way.


What is the difference about LetzHopTM compared to other enrichment centers?


Our programs are delivered using a unique approach that encourages children to actively participate in fun and enjoyable lessons. Our students are encouraged to learn through play, exploration, and imagination.


In our classrooms, we have a smart board that our students often call a "Giant iPad" or a "Giant Tablet" of which we use it as the main equipment in delivering the content. We realize that most of the children nowadays are more attracted to motion pictures and technological devices. Those devices with a guided learning and monitoring at LETZHOP benefit the children in terms that it enables them to absorb learning more effectively according to their nature of learning style.


We strongly believe that the early brain development of children starts when they have positive interactions with their environment in which the development of neural pathways enable positive development to the children. So at LETZHOP, we are creating an environment that is full of positivity by delivering learning in a very fun way.


Apart from that, we also incorporate reflex, sensory integration and Brain Gym® activities in our programs, to ensure that our students i.e. their minds and bodies are well-prepared for effective learning. 


May I know what type of students and age group do you cater?


Different programs cater for different age group of which are as follows;


  • LETZHOP Sesame Street English Program – 3 to 12 years old
  • LETZHOP Three-2-Six Program – 3 to 6 years old
  • LETZHOP Zero-2-Three Program – 6 months to 3 years old
  • LETZHOP Ready-2-Learn Program – 6 months to 12 years old
  • LETZHOP Early Intervention Program (EIP) – 3 to 9 years old
  • LETZHOP Al-Hira’ Islamic Education Program (IEP) – 3 to 12 years old


Can you explain to us about LetzHopTM curriculum and its framework, examination systems, teaching tools, educators, etc.?


We use different curriculum or syllabus for different programs but, in general, all programs are built around activities that stimulate while building self-esteem and self-confidence. The programs focus highly on participation-oriented activities in which every student needs to be involved all the time. For that, our programs are run in a small classroom size of only 10 to 15 students for LETZHOP Sesame Street English, 3 to 5 students for LETZHOP Early Intervention Program (EIP), and maximum of 10 students for LETZHOP Three-2-Six, Zero-2-Three, and other programs.


We do not believe in formal examinations, but assessments are run continuously to make sure that the programs are effective and students show improvement and progress after enrolling to our programs.


Apart from the multimedia content, we use a lot of educational toys and teaching aids in delivering the content because we strongly believe in learning through play, exploration, and imagination.


In terms of teachers/educators, every LETZHOP centre is required to have professional and qualified teachers with a ‘Teaching English as a Second Language’ (TESL) certificate, a diploma in English or Early Childhood Education, or any Education-related certifications, or trained in handling special needs children – depending on what are the programs offered at the particular centre.


Other than improving the English proficiency, what other aspects are LetzHopTM looking to enrich in a student’s life?


We want to educate all students and parents that there are bigger goals than better grades. It is more important for us to prepare children for the world or for living than for the examinations. Our aim is to help children build balanced foundations in all aspects of growth i.e. intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.


There’re some centres offering different programs. Why can’t all centres offer the same programs?


The centres may offer all LETZHOP programs if they want to, but we believe that there are certain requirements and standards that the centres will need to fulfill in order to provide a quality education and learning program at their respective premises. Not only that the lesson plans and curriculum framework are prepared for them, there are also other aspects that are important to be considered.


Currently, you have 6 centres. Any future expansion plans?


Yes, there are always plans to expand.

We are welcoming new enthusiastic individuals who want to start up and run their LETZHOP centre. Kindergartens and other existing learning centres that are interested to have our programs at their centres are also welcome to do it. 

Inquiries for business opportunities – email or contact us at 0390553999 (Ext 303, Ms Aishah).