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Traditional TaeKwon-Do Academy

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Traditional TaeKwon-Do Academy


The Traditional Taekwon-do Academy (TTA) is dedicated to diligently pursuing and providing the highest standard of instruction and education of TAEKWON-DO and it's principles with honesty, patience, understanding and caring. We believe in this equal opportunity for the human spirit to excel, at any age, which in turn will promote peace and goodwill in our communities and throughout the world.

We at the Academy, place diligence and focus on the teaching of Taekwon-do as it was passed on by the late founder, General Choi Hong Hi, to Master Yeow Cheng Watt. As one who has personally studied under the late Grandmaster, Master Yeow has persistently inculcated the tenets of Taekwon-do as the basis of his instructions.

We believe that absolutely everybody can benefit from the life enhancing aspects of Taekwon-do regardless of age, sex or physical capabilities, whether your aim is to increase self confidence, lose a few pounds, or just to have fun. There are just so many character-building skills involved that there is something for everyone to gain. Our wish is not just to teach martial arts but to enrich lives, making the world a better place, for the student's well-being and future.