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Blok Space - Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

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Blok Space
As the name suggest, BlokSpace involves a space where children create using “bricks”. In this regard, BlokSpace will be utilizing the famous Lego construction bricks and Mega Bricks, etc. By utilizing this popular set of creativity toys, BlokSpace hopes to nurture the sense of imagination, curiosity and creativity among children. Because of the many types of sets of construction bricks available, children will be able to experiment and play with the various sets that will be made available by BlokSpace.
We provide hours of concentration and supervised space for little adults to play and have fun, for as long as they want. Blok Space outlets happily provide various LEGO sets and DJECO puzzles for kids to build and play.

Jongyi class
We offer weekly Jongyi classes for children age 4 and above, to learn the art and craft of Jongyi; also known as Korean origami (art of Korean paper-folding).
We have extensive lessons from easy to advance. Held in a small-pax class, our teachers will guide students through the basics and levels to become a Jongyi master.
Our Jongyi teachers will happily guide students through 3 levels of Jongyi lessons (easy - advance), creating little cranes, flower species, animals, plants, party crafts, deco patterns and many other creations!
Jongyi is a creative and healthy way for young children to have fun and aid in their brain and discipline development from an early age.