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Open Day August 2022 @ R.E.A.L. KIDS

10:00 am - 04:00 pm

R.E.A.L Kids Centres

Event Description


Visit our multi-award-winning R.E.A.L Kids Preschool and discover how 35 years of educational excellence and our Multiple Intelligences-inspired curriculum can bring out the best in your child. Our programmes are designed to enhance children’s preschool experience with fun, hands-on learning. We also bring forth children’s innate strengths and talents; thus making learning wholesome, fun, and vibrant.

Sign up and enjoy *100% waiver of registration fee, *FREE 1 set of sports uniform & *FREE 1-month Extended Programme.

Full-day and extended programmes are available to cater to busy, working parents. Discover more at https://realkids.edu.my/rk-open-day-aug22.

T&Cs apply.