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Kindergarten Teacher - Chinese Language @ Bright Kids Kindergarten (Tadika Semangat Jaya), Ipoh ( Full Time )


Company Overview

Bright Kids Kindergarten Program applies Integrated Curriculum that makes learning meaningful to young children.

Company Introduction

Children who come to Bright Kids Ipoh will develop a strong foundation of language and mathematics skills which are vital tools for their future learning. We guide and help children in ways that could develop the total self is what our kindergarten endeavors untiringly. Consistent with the contemporary educational philosophy and pedagogy, we believe that children are individuals who need to build healthy self-concept as a base to achieve other elements in life. We want children to get a balanced education that includes physical, cognitive, personality and ethic, social and emotional development. Therefore we emphasis on Total Learning. Our curriculum reflects a thematic approach, which integrates Mathematics, Science, Moral Education, Music, Art and Language Skills. It is challenging but not stressful, consistent yet flexible.

Job Description

* Handling a classroom of students and teaching them the subject that has been assigned.
* Teach all the subjects, if have been assigned to teach so.
* Take daily attendance and teach students proper behavior
* Maintain discipline amongst students.
* Assign homework and tasks that will help in their overall development to students.
* Find new and productive ways of teaching students, that will help them learn faster, and more efficiently.
* Teach students of ethical and moral ways to live in the society.
* Maintain good and friendly relationships with the students and their parents, so that they can communicate openly with the teacher.
* Teach from the curriculum decided by the management but may provide suggestion/feedback for improvement.
* Encourage students to take part in developmental extracurricular activities and recognize where the students' talents should be put to good use.
* Finish the course on time and teach the students performance targets set by the school.
* Attend all the students, parents and teachers meeting.
* Participate in all the school's functions such as annual Sports Day, Graduation Concert, etc.

Job Requirements

* Possess at least a SPM / STPM / Diploma / Degree in any field
(For SPM, minimum credits in Bahasa Malaysia, English & Mathematics)
* Candidates who had good proficiency in Chinese Language & experience in this industry will be a distinct advantage
* Must enjoy working with children

Mr. Phang
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No. 2, Jalan Perajurit T-6, Taman Syabas,


Ipoh, Perak

016-541 1369 (Mr. Phang)