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Villamaria Good Shepherd Kindergarten & Nursery

Lorong Setiabistari 2
Medan Damansara
Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur 50490


03-2094 8XXX
Villamaria Good Shepherd Kindergarten & Nursery
03-2094 8689



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We believe that every parent wants the best for their children, especially when it comes to giving them a head start in life.


That’s why, at Villamaria, education is a holistic process. From providing complete facilities designed to enhance your child’s learning to a full staff of qualified, experienced teachers and care-givers, our focus is to ensure all-round physical, emotional and intellectual development.



Editor's Review

Villamaria Good Shepherd Kindergarten & Nursery’s vision “One person is of more value than the whole world” commits it to reach out with compassion and respect to empower each child to wholeness and full potential....READ MORE

Other Details

Centre's Category: Kindergarten, Nursery, Enrichment Classes

Student Age Group: 2+ years old to 6 years old

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): 8:15AM to 12:00PM

Program / Teaching Method: National Preschool Curriculum

Language Classes: English, Bahasa Malaysia

Medium of Communication: English, Bahasa Malaysia

Class size: 25 per class

Facilities: Indoor Playground, Outdoor Playground, Computer lab, Science garden

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School programme, good curriculum, focus on writing skills, Good education system
(structured), balanced curriculum, structured green approach of learning . Old fashioned school environment with old fashioned values, good foundation & moral
teaching, good manners, following rules, discipline, values

09/01/2017 - 02:34 pm


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Teachers - attentive, caring, helpful, dedicated, genuine, patience, full hearted, nice,
approachable, friendly, kind, compassionate, sufficient, experienced, know each child name,
lovely. Friendly, professional- staff, administrative

09/01/2017 - 02:32 pm


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School Environment, Educational environment, not just a play-place, clean, cheerful, spacious
classroom, field, campus is big, well maintained, conducive, good ambience, ample space, the
greens, pleasant, the grounds

09/01/2017 - 02:31 pm


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