HappyLand Psychology & Therapy Centre, Johor Bahru

No. 46, Jalan Ros Merah 3/2,
Taman Johor Jaya,
Johor Bahru, Johor 81100
07-353 5XXX
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HappyLand is a comprehensive therapy centre dedicated to provide psycho-educational, therapy and training services to children with special needs. Since establishment in year 2002, HappyLand provides a fun and interesting therapy and learning environment to discover the strength and potential of special needs. In addition, we also train qualified special needs trainer to take over different role in both therapy and education. We also provide Professional Certificate and Diploma course which is endorsed by TQUK or Warnborough to ensure the quality of the training. Periodical parents trainings are scheduled to educate parents about the positive parenting.



我们的服务 Our Services:

1.    教育心理评估 Psycho-Educational Assessment

2.    职能治疗 Occupational Therapy

3.    物理治疗 Physiotherapy

4.    社交能力小组训练 Social Skill Training Group

5.    脑神经反馈治疗 Neurofeedback Therapy

6.    水疗 Hydro-aroma Therapy

7.    杰立卡 Jelic Brain Training

8.    音疗 SSP Program

9.    教育治疗与专注力训练 Educational Therapy cum Focus Training



培训 Training:

10.    父母培训 Parents Training

11.    老师培训 Teacher Training

12.    专业文凭与证书培训 (授TQUK 认证) Professional Certificate and Diploma Course endorsed by TQUK or Warnborough College

13.    勇者无惧一日营 “Fear-Not” Sensory Integration Camp

14.     儿童社交情绪专注力工作坊 Social/Emotion/Attention Camp

15.     德德与家家性教育 Sexual Education Camp

Editor's Review

HappyLand Psychology & Therapy Centre, Johor BahruHappyLand is a therapy centre for children and adults with disabilities or developmental delays. The centre strives to provide hope by offering services in a stress-free environment that enables the individual to maximize his or her potential. READ FULL REVIEW

Mon - Sat - 8.30PM - 5.30PM

Other Details

Age range : 18 months - Adults

Programme / Teaching Methods: Children Evaluation, Sensory Integration Training, VaVa Fun Learning Programme, Hydro-Aroma Therapy, Neurofeedback Therapy & Parent/Teachers training

Facilities : Rooftop garden, CCTV, Parent Waiting Area, Play Area

Language : English, Malay & Chinese

Helpful Reviews (5)

Madam Yeo rates this listing with

After attending Educational Therapy cum Focus Training, I feel my child is more capable to have longer attention span in learning and also more capable to control his emotion. In addition, he is more confidence in learning

02/01/2020 - 03:10 pm


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Mrs. Lau rates this listing with

My child improved a lot in his awareness, eye contact and ability to follow instruction after attending Sensory Integration Training.

02/01/2020 - 03:07 pm


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Mrs. Julia rates this listing with

My child is more capable to follow instruction, sit still and less agitated after attending Sensory Integration Training and Neurofeedback Training. At the same time, school teacher also highlighted his improvement in the school.

31/12/2019 - 12:06 pm


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Mrs.Amelia rates this listing with

Emotion of my child becomes more stable after attending the hydro-aroma and Occupational Therapy.

30/12/2019 - 01:08 pm


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Mrs.Liu rates this listing with

My girl is more willing to accept sound of vacuum cleaner and hair dryer. In addition, she is more stable in her emotion after attending the SSP Training.

24/12/2019 - 01:10 pm


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