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Discovering Dinosaurs at Dinoscovery

on 17/12/2014 - 01:32 am

Located on the fourth floor of Avenue K, this exhibition showcases gargantuan dinosaur animatronics that is almost true to life. I mean, for species that have been extinct for millions of years, these animatronics are pretty real-life. They move, close and open their jaws, move their heads and tails from side to side that it's pretty hard not to imagine what dinosaurs were really like when they roamed the Earth before mankind.

Dinoscovery Avenue K

Dinoscovery is an interactive exhibition that literally take you through the course of time. The moment you step into its front door, which is a close reminiscence of Jurrasic Park front gate, you're given a set of headlamps, an archeologist vest and a map. For some of you, this might make you feel like Indiana Jones for a while, and guess what, you are going to be on a treasure hunt of dinosaur eggs, footprints, and fossils.


There are many activities here that are suitable for children who are budding and aspiring archeologists and also for those who love dinosaurs, be it if you're 3 or 30 years old.


Throughout your expedition, you will need to follow your map to find your way through the dinosaurs eras and keep a look out on the treasures you need to find. Peppering this journey, there will be fun and exciting activities you can do so it wouldn't just be about finding for clues and treasures. You can literally race with a Gallimimus, an 8-meter ostrich-like dinosaur from the Cretaceous period or you can shoot prehistoric mosquitoes of dinosaurs' backs.

If you've always wondered how dinosaurs survive during their time, you can be an Ankylosaurus and learn how it defended itself using its tail. If you fancy being a forensic CSI, there is an excavation pit where you can dig out dinosaurs fossils and record them in your little archeology notebook. 


These are just some of the fun and exciting activities that you can do at Dinoscovery. The experience is truly awesome and when you've ended your expedition, you can't help but feel like doing it all over again.

Now, after all that running away from dinosaurs and trudging through mud and sand looking for proofs of dinosaurs, you might feel a little parched or even a little hungry. There is a quaint cafe at the end of the exhibition where you can rest and recount the stories of your adventure with your family.

You can also purchase gifts at the little souvenir shop so that you can bring back a little piece of prehistoric momentos and put them in your room to remind you of the time how you barely escaped a Gallimus or of how proud you were when you climbed and rode that T-Rex like a cowboy.


What's great about Dinoscovery is that it can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how young or old you are. The excitement of learning about these incredible creatures that once walked our Earth will keep you coming back for more.


  Quick Notes:

  Where  :

 Dinoscovery @ Discoveria (4th floor of Avenue K)               

  When                 :

 until February 2015 

  Type of Activity   


 Indoor, Exhibition

  Suitable for Age         


 3 & Above

  Tips  :

 More info at

 It's advisable to:

 1. Wear comfortable shoes and socks, sandals or slippers are a little     inconvenient for the activities

 2. Bring bottled water. It can get a little warm after all the fun!



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