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Hi-5 House of Learning Launch

Hi-5 has become an international household name for families with young children. Its bright, colorful set and catchy songs captured the hearts of kids and parents alike. Not to mention the ever so cheerful cast that never failed to get any child to jump to his or her feet and dance along with them. Hi-5 first episode was aired on 5 April 1999 and 15 years on, the Hi-5 production is still as strong as ever, if not getting more popular.

Discovering Dinosaurs at Dinoscovery

Who would've thought that there is a dinosaur exhibition right here in Kuala Lumpur? Opened in March of this year, Dinoscovery is an event that are suited for young children and adults alike, as this ongoing exhibition offers an exhilarating experience for visitors through 15 experiential and highly interactive educational activities.

"Kiddy123 Gives Back" - Our Visit to Shelter Home for Children recently organized a charity donation drive survey that took place from 15th August to 30th September 2014. With the help of everyone who took part in the survey, we were able to raise RM1, 000. also made further contributions by purchasing appliances and goods for the Shelter.