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Interview - Gream Studio

by on 22/03/2016 1112

Gream Studio is a performing arts centre for children from ages 4 to 12 to discover their talents in areas such as acting, speaking and performing. Kiddy123 recently interviewed its educator, Ms. Sharren Khor, to learn more about the Gream Studio.


Background of Gream Studio


Gream Studio is a performing arts centre for children from ages 4 to 12 to discover their talents in areas such as acting, speaking and performing. Its unique concept provides an excellent learning environment that is fun and engaging for both the children and their tutors, who learn, play and experience alongside each other at all times.


Gream Studio’s mission is to contribute to the cause of nurturing the future generation and to improve the educational standards in Malaysia. As such, it strives to become the ideal place for children to fulfil their highest potential by constantly seeking out new methods and contents that benefit children’s learning.

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Let’s see what Gream Studio has to say about their unique approach to learning.



1. Your concept of a children’s enrichment centre is very unique. What was your main inspiration in setting up Gream Studio and its performing arts and financial literacy programmes?


Here at Gream Studio, we approach teaching in a unique and enjoyable manner for children. We hope to act as a platform for children to explore and experience new areas and to find out their passions at a young age. To achieve this, we always aim to provide a learning environment that is both fun and engaging.


Our programmes such as Junior Speaker and Junior Interior Designer reflect our core values: to allow children to live their lives creatively and to experience what it feels like to be involved in their dream occupations.




2. Could you briefly explain your main objectives in designing these programmes for children?


The main objectives of our various programmes are as follows:


Junior Speaker – We want children to experience how it feels like to become a DJ in a radio station, a place where they learn to be confident in their speaking abilities and to adapt to challenges quickly.


Junior Journalist – In our Chinese language writing class, we want children to understand the beauty and importance of the Chinese language, especially in a time when English is becoming more dominant in Malaysia. The lessons help our Junior Journalists to gain a firm command of the Chinese language, and to learn how to creatively inject life into their writing.



Junior Interior Designer – Our Junior Interior Designers view the world in a different perspective; they are exposed to topics such as Orthographic Drawings, Material Studies and Space Planning and Modelling from as young as 7 years old, where their potential can easily be discovered early.


Junior Arts and Craft – Children from ages 4 to 6 engage in various Arts and Craft activities, such as Clay Art, Crafting and Drawing & Painting. Our goal is to bring out the inner creativity in children through these enjoyable activities.


Junior Scientist – Experiments play a crucial role in science, and our children are exposed to a new one during every lesson. Our tutors teach them to formulate hypotheses, analyse data and draw conclusions from hands-on experiments designed to cover all areas of science.


Olympiad Mathematics – We do not want children to only associate mathematics with exams and memorisation. Instead, our Olympiad Mathematics class seeks to teach children that mathematics requires creativity and flexibility to be fully mastered, and that it can be applied in daily life in the form of logical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Mandarin Drama – Our Mandarin Drama class engages children with games, re-enactments and plays to instil confidence and boldness. They experience what it feels like to be drama actors by learning about facial, body and vocal expressions.


Vocal Class – Children are taught by our experienced tutor to improve their singing abilities and instil confidence. We train children in the following areas: 
a) Vocal Techniques  
b) Stage Performance techniques  
c) Singing techniques



Gream_HandPrint3. Viewing that these types of programmes are relatively new in our country, how has been the response of Malaysian parents so far?


Parents find our programmes to be refreshing and useful. It has helped their children perform better, not just in the classroom, but also in daily life. They appreciate that our classes are stress-free, where children can enjoy themselves and learn at the same time.




4. How about the children? Which classes are the most popular with the children?


Our most popular classes are Junior Speaker and Olympiad Mathematics. Children enjoy coming to our classes because of our method of teaching, which places emphasis on enjoyment. They find our classes to be fun and relaxing, and this is especially important as they learn the most in this type of environment.




Gream5. There are so many exciting activities going on at Gream Studio. Can you tell us about some of the special moments at your studio?


Some of our most exciting activities occur during our Holiday Workshops. We offer workshops in Financial Literacy, Science Experiments and Clay & Art, and they are always very popular because children enjoy meeting new friends and, at the same time, learning from our tutors.


Our workshops are highly engaging. Some of the activities require our children to utilise the recording studio’s equipment while others involve crafting makeshift credit cards, savings accounts, piggy banks and currency. Children who learn from these activities are able to do better in their daily lives through understanding the process of scientific investigation and developing financial awareness at a young age.