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By - Violet Ng . 02/03/2018

Travel Ideas That are Child Friendly in Malaysia

Having fun with the entire family doesn't have to be expensive. Have a look at our list of activities that your family can do that is wallet friendly.


By . 13/02/2018

Chinese New Year Ang Pow Rates For Kids

Still figuring out how much should you put inside your red packets this year? Have a look at our handy guide we prepared just for this occasion.


By . 06/02/2018

Does Music Help With Your Baby's Development?

Learn how music can help your baby to develop lifelong skills that is important later on in life.


By . 19/10/2017

8 Ways To Guide Your Child Into Responsible Behaviour

Children will be children and parents will never run short of incidences where they wish their children acted in a more responsible manner. Parents themselves may have good values, those values have to be communicated well to be passed on to them.


By . 06/09/2017

Confinement care has evolved to become almost a science where modern science and nutrition meets traditional wisdom. At After Birth Care Services this marriage of old and new is further enhanced by discreet professionalism and excellent service.


By . 05/09/2017

At SN Confinement Care Centre, Madam Ong has created a tranquil and serene environment for new mothers to rest and recondition themselves after pregnancy. It also allows new mothers a peaceful period of bonding with her newborn and family.


By . 14/10/2016

Simple, Practical Money Lessons for Young Children

Financial literacy and good money habits are best cultivated at an early age Here are some simple but effective “money lessons” that you can teach your little ones every day.


By SI World . 01/06/2016

Parenting a Special Needs Child

A child with special needs gets help from a variety of medical professionals, one of them being the occupational therapist. This article will help parents to better understand what their child’s occupational therapist is aiming to achieve.


By Lifetime (Astro Ch 709) . 04/05/2016

LIFETIME Celebrates Modern Moms' Strength and Diversity in Mother 2.0 Campaign

Are you a Mother 2.0? Get involved to appreciate mothers who challenge stereotypes in raising their children the best way they know how!


By SI World . 03/05/2016

Why Can’t My Child Talk?

If your child is not on track with the milestones of speech and language development, you should talk to your child's pediatrician.