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By Miriam Hedija . 16/07/2020

I Want To Be A Preschool Teacher!

What to expect when you’re expecting … to be an Early Childhood Educator.


By Irina Myriam . 14/07/2020

10 Books That Teach Kids About Inclusion and Special Needs

Help your kids understand more about special needs, diversity and inclusion using children's books.


By Irina Myriam . 01/07/2020

How to Teach Kids to Embrace Peers with Special Needs

Parents, how do you encourage your child to support and include kids with disabilities?


By Irina Myriam . 30/06/2020

LEGO’s New Chinese Culture Inspired Play Sets and Mini Movie Have Arrived

Monkie Kid is LEGO's first theme based on Chinese folklore. Inspired by the Monkey King and Journey to The West, the animation and play sets will surely bring together families across different generations.


By theAsianparent . 30/06/2020

Stop telling your sons these 10 things: raising boys the right way

If you stop telling your sons these 10 things, then you're helping to raise them into happy, self-sufficient, and empowered young men in the future!


By Irina Myriam . 17/06/2020

How to Prepare Your Child for Transition to Year 1 From Kindergarten

Ways to ease your child's transition from preschool to primary school, despite the Covid-19 related school closures.


By Irina Myriam . 15/06/2020

Father's Day is close, yet not many know how difficult it can be for some new dads. Learn about postpartum depression (PPD) in men.


By Irina Myriam . 10/06/2020

6 Ways Technology Benefits Today's Kids

Forget downsides of screen time. Here are the advantages of tech use for children!


By . 04/06/2020

We Asked A Mum: How to Get Everything Done (And Still Have Time for Yourself) During Self-Isolation

Mother of two, Julia Robson, shares her tips on how to juggle everything during this coronavirus pandemic and still have a bit of time for yourself!


By Irina Myriam . 29/05/2020

The Therapeutic Side of Art | Helping Kids Cope with Stressful Times

How art helps build resilient, emotionally intelligent kids.