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Top Tips on How to Choose the Right Preschool

by on 22/12/2021 4786

Learn About Curriculum Types

Know what type of learning styles complement your child and the learning outcomes that you prioritise. If you value academic training, a school that offers structured lessons will be more suitable. On the other hand, a tactile learner will do better with a more flexible, play-based curriculum.

Observe a Class or Plan a Trial 

Most schools allow planned observation (where you can see a lesson in action), or a trial class (where your child can participate). Try these and remember to ask lots of questions!

Check for Day Care or After-School Classes

If you need after-school care or classes for your child because of your work schedule, or just want enrichment class options, do see if preschools offer it.

Discuss Special Needs Accommodation

Some of our children may have needs that require extra attention. If this applies to you, do ask the preschools how they approach children with special needs. Some schools may have a special class or designated teacher.

Cross-Check Licensing

Unfortunately, there are many preschools in Malaysia that are running without proper licensure. Do verify that the preschool you choose has been registered with the Ministry of Education, or the Department of Social Welfare, if it’s a childcare centre.

Ask People You Trust

Sometimes the best tips can come from parents you trust. Ask them where they send their precious little ones to and what their experience has been like.