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At MyGenius kindergarten, we understand the impact of a good early childhood education to the overall lifelong development of every child. As such, we aim to provide best quality early childhood education to our children.

Our programme is built around MyGenius education philosophy of providing a well balanced learning and development to our children in a manner that unleash their potential.


While our main medium of instruction is delivered using Mandarin and English, at MyGenius kindergarten, children are exposed to Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia daily in a formal and informal setting.

They learn Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia naturally through stories, rhymes, words recognition, day-to-day communication, songs and activities. Children are trained to listen, read, speak, write and comprehend in all three languages.

We create an environment that encourages the usage of these languages daily where our children feel safe to speak and express themselves. We have an excellent track record of helping our children successfully transition into their Primary school years, especially for Chinese Primary Schools where they are able to leverage on their mastery of Mandarin immediately to acquire new knowledge.

This give them a strong head-start in their Primary school years.

In addition to formal classroom learning, theme-based self-exploration and experiential learning are an important aspect of our lessons. MyGenius' proprietary methodology combine interesting teaching aids and materials to attract the curiosity of our eager young minds.

This includes exciting science experiments and fun activities to enhance our children’s science knowledge, numerical literacy, logical thinking and problem solving skills. This help bring out the best of both Math and Science to our children. Math and Science are delivered in bilingual, Mandarin and English.

Creativity and expression are encouraged through art and craft, music and movement, and role play. Active participation from parents in supporting their children's learning, including joint assignments are an integral aspect of our lessons.

High standard of ethics forms an important aspect of our value-based education. This culture starts from our team of carefully selected teachers.

MyGenius aims to instill good moral upbringing and character building in our children from a young age.

This is done through our children’s daily life practices and experience at our kindergarten; inspirational learning through stories and sharing; Di Zi Gui and guidance from our teachers.

Our children learn to live and function as a community through effective interactions with the teachers and their peers in all aspect of their daily life at the kindergarten. This helps our children to be sociable as they learn to respect and care for each other, preparing them well to enter into the society.

Learning about life skills is never too early. Learning the importance of life skills and understanding what they are from young will prepare our children well for the rest of their life.

On a daily basis, our children are taught essential life skills and are given the opportunity to hone these skills through hands-on practices. This includes dressing themselves up, tidying up, cleaning, staying safe, gardening and simple cooking or baking.

We nurture good eating habits and good personal hygiene in our children, teaching them to be independent and a responsible individual.

Play remains an important aspect of every child's life.

Physical activities involving motor skills is vital for a child's development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. Healthier children learn better and they are more focused in class.

Through daily play, team activities, sports and games, our children gradually develop their motor skills and build good character.



Editor's Review

MyGenius Kindergarten @ Eco Sanctuary, Telok Panglima GarangThe programmes at MyGenius Kindergarten Sanctuary are built around MyGenius education philosophy of providing a well-balanced learning and development to your children in a manner that unleashes their potential. READ FULL REVIEW

Other Details

Provide Meals: Yes

Transportation Service: No

Student Age Group: 3 - 6 years old

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 7:00 pm

Program / Teaching Method: MyGenius' proprietary methodology combine interesting teaching aids, materials and fun activities to enhance our children’s language skills, science knowledge, numerical literacy, logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Language Classes: Chinese, English & Bahasa Malaysia

Medium of Communication: Mandarin & English

Facilities: Indoor Playground; Active Play Gym Equipment; Children's Obstacle Courses Equipement; Thematic Corners for Sciences, Cognitve, Language, Art & Craft, Construction and Music; Stage for Performance and Role Play;  CCTV and Security Doors.

Helpful Reviews (8)

Robin's dad rates this listing with

Time flies, it all seems like yesterday. I still remember last year December, I was busy searching, asking relatives for day care & tuition center recommendation for my son – Robin.

Moving in Primary 1, changing to new environment is not an easy task for children, they are anxious with new environment, but yet curious of meeting new people/friends. I always believe children are naïve and they have six sense knowing, who treat them good and whether they feel safe/comfortable with the new environment. Gratefully we selected MyGenius after bring Robin visited few day care centers.

Robin is an active kid and curious with everything, he ask many questions, which sometime it will be quite annoying for some adult if they are impatient with children. This is something I concern most, because some old timer will categories this kind of children as problematic student. I still remember when I first met Teacher Ho, she told me: “Actually the more questions a children ask, it will help them grow & learn faster.” I’m so grateful I found a kind patient teacher like Teacher Ho, she always encourage children to speak out their mind and never be impatient with them. I’m glad that all teachers in MyGenius has the same attitude. Teacher Ho and team also create many different learning activities – drama class, cooking class, dancing class, recycling, movie watching & etc., which let children enjoy learning other than academy. This helps Robin build up communication skills and make new friends, other than his own classmates.

A good teacher does not mean cannot scold children, children still have to get some punishment when they make mistake or crossed the boundary. Most importantly, teacher has to explain to children why they get scolded and let them learn from their mistake. One time, Robin have make mistake, Teacher Shirene talk & explain to him on their eye level, I can see Robin is listening and apologize to teacher from his mistake. When Robin is moody when I send him to center in morning, teacher also will wait him slowly walk up and talk him through. Although kneeing down to talk with children on their eye level is not something new, but it’s something hardly see from parenting. All this small actions from MyGenius Teacher, does make a big different for my son and myself as a father. I admitted I do learn a lot from teachers.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all MyGenius Teachers. It’s not an easy job to handle bunch of playful children, especially mine. A kind words from teachers will deeply touch the children heart and change the way they react and becoming in future. Thanks you for your love and patient for my son. Keep it up the good work, I trust you can deliver the best to them. Lastly, I’m glad that Robin have found his life learning teachers in MyGenius Center.

07/01/2020 - 03:58 pm


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Khai Sin's mom rates this listing with

MyGenius Primary Kajang的院长是一位负责任而且有爱心的院长。她总是细心呵护着孩子们、照顾着孩子们的身心灵发展。孩子们都很喜欢她,家长们也很尊重她。尽责的她会去了解孩子们的家庭背景,她会建一座桥梁给父母与孩子们沟通而不是只注重孩子们的成绩。这也是我放心把孩子交给她的原因之一。何院长,幸苦了。谢谢您。

The principal at MyGenius Primary Kajang is a responsible and caring person. She always takes very good care of the children. This includes paying attention to the children’s emotional well being and mental development. Children love her and parents respect her. She always go the extra mile to learn about the children's family background in order to provide the right support to each child. She will build a bridge for parents to communicate with children instead of focusing only on their results. This is one of the reasons why I feel relieved in sending my children to MyGenius. Principal Ho, thank you very much.

07/01/2020 - 03:57 pm


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Asher's Dad rates this listing with

As parents, our main concern is for our son to be able to adapt to the SJKC syllabus in Standard 1 as he attended Montessori kindergarten. He was having challenges in the SJKC for the first two months as his main language is English at home and Mandarin was a new language for him.

Fortunately, we enrolled our son to MyGenius Primary and MyGenius Mandarin Programme. We can see good improvement in his study and his school class teacher also noticed that during the first semester assessment. Other than providing tuition, teachers at MyGenius Primary also help him on his school homework and will update us on his progress.

We are very happy with Asher's progress and am confident that he will do well in his learning.

07/01/2020 - 03:56 pm


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Aurora's parents rates this listing with

MyGenius Kindergarten Cyberjaya has been a second home to my daughter, Aurora. She joined this kindergarten at 6 years old with zero Mandarin foundation. We planned to send her to Chinese primary school. Initially, she cried almost daily before entering her class because she could not understand Mandarin in class. She was worried. Through the patience, caring and supportive attitude from all Mygenius’s teachers, I noticed a lot of improvements in her Mandarin language, both written and spoken. She has also done well in other subjects like Bahasa Malaysia, English, Science and Mathematic. I like Mygenius Kindergarten because of their own academic programmes which has enabled my daughter to understand easily and catch up fast on the lessons. Now my daughter turned into a confident girl in speaking Mandarin even though sometimes she may pronounce certain words inaccurately. Besides that, my daughter enjoys going to MyGenius Kindergarten everyday as she has lots of fun while learning. For examples, they will learn through exploration and experience, group discussions and sharing, music and movement. The kids especially love the field trips with their teachers and friends. MyGenius Kindergarten’s teachers are so friendly. They care so much about the kids and communicate easily with parents. They always give fast response about all matters raised by the parents. My daughter is definitely happy, has lots of fun and learn well in this kindergarten. I highly recommend this kindergarten. Good job teachers!

07/01/2020 - 03:50 pm


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4Js Mom rates this listing with

2 months after my triplets enrolled with MyGenius Primary when they entered Standard 1, my children have had a noticeable positive improvement in their study, attitude, and development especially my second son Jayden (who was very reluctant and “don’t care at all” at his study). A year later, my youngest son joined MyGenius Kindergarten and he has done very well too!

MyGenius has lightened my burden as a parent of 4 kids as I find it challenging to provide full focus and attention to each of them. Each day my children come home with a happy and joyful heart where I felt absolutely relieved.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the entire team of MyGenius, for the care and attention given to my children and I am confident that I will see continuous positive development in my children’s primary school years ahead.

27/11/2019 - 01:29 pm


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Rebecca's Mom rates this listing with

MyGenius 有一群很尽责且有爱心的老师。他们给予贝佳很多鼓励与教导, 贝佳的中文成绩也有很大的进步。贝佳也很喜欢到中心去学习。谢谢老师们一直以来的爱心, 耐心 与细心的教导。希望接下来的日子 贝佳可以继续开开心心地在MyGenius 成长。

MyGenius has a team of dedicated and caring teachers. They continuously give Rebecca lots of encouragement and guidance, allowing Rebecca's Mandarin result to improve significantly. Rebecca loves to go to MyGenius. Thank you to al lthe teachers for their love, patience and guidance. I hope Rebecca continue to grow up joyfully in MyGenius over the next few years.

19/11/2019 - 12:58 pm


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Hagen's dad rates this listing with

We knew when we started to look for a preschool that we wanted more than a place where our 5 years old son could learn to read and write. We wanted a safe, nurturing environment where he could learn about more important things. Things like sharing, respect, honesty and independence.

It's been less than a year, and not only does he socialise well, but he’s reasonably able to take care of his possessions and homework with little to no supervision. Reading and writing are voluntary and enjoyable past times for him. I can only be amazed and thankful for the dedication and patience shown by his teachers for the progress and improvements that I’m still seeing daily.

18/11/2019 - 01:42 pm


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Cindy's mom rates this listing with

MyGenius 全体成员,大家好!因为有您们,孩子们可以在开心与温馨的环境中学习,心里感激不尽。那儿有如孩子们的第二个家。每天放学后,孩子们就在老师们细心,耐心与爱心的陪同下,一起学习,一起完成课业。孩子们的学习路上,感恩有您们。从老师们的爱心,细心,耐心,用心与团队精神至环境的舒适等等各个方面,您们都是很棒,很棒!更是感谢大家!希望孩子们在 MyGenius 温馨的环境中学习,开开心心地成长。 感恩一切!

22/10/2019 - 03:59 pm


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