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MRC KIDS BRP 6, Sungai Buloh (Pusat Perkembangan Minda Sri Ceria)

39,Jalan BRP 6/12
Bukit Rahman Putra
Sungai Buloh, Selangor 40160
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012-5161830Please mention you got this contact number from

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Inspired by the Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, MRC Kids uses creative approaches to develop linguistic intelligence. Our program is designed to accelerate linguistic intelligence through multilingual training that develops high verbal memory and recall, as well as help children develop a firm grasp on language structure.

That’s why a key focus of MRC Kids™ is implementing creative approaches such as drama and speech activities to deliver language lessons across three different languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. Together with math exercises and other enrichment activities, MRC Kids helps to:

• Develop linguistic intelligence through multilingual development
• Build confidence in public speaking
• Promote logical-mathematical intelligence
• Support whole brain development
• Help children learn about character building and managing their emotions


Other Details

Provide Meals: Yes

Transportation Service: Yes

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Centre's Category: nursery,kindergarten,enrichment class,daycare

Student Age Group: 2.5-6yo

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): 7:45AM - 6:00PM

Operating Hours (Saturday): Closed

Operating Hours (Sunday): Closed

Language Classes: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Agama

Medium of Communication: English, Bahasa Melaysia, Chinese

Class size: 1:15

Facilities: Indoor Playground

Helpful Reviews (4)

Madam Susan rates this listing with

Good teacher good education method. My 2 girls learn a lot and they had an awesome time in school, just can't wait to go to school the next day.Thank you MRC.

17/11/2017 - 03:34 pm


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Puan Zara rates this listing with

Almost 2 years here in MRC kids, there's a lot of positive development build in my daughter character, skill, knowledge, talent & her level of confidence in front of public. It's really make me impress on MRC kids teaching method and all the teachers.

17/11/2017 - 03:34 pm


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Puan Zarinah rates this listing with

It has been one and a half years since I first enrolled my son who was 2 and a half years old at that time to MRC. The staff & teachers there were very pleasant and inviting. The manner that they greeted and took care of other children that are already enrolled there shows that my son will be in the hands of very capable and patient people.

The staff and teachers are readily contactable and are happy to inform me on my son's condition and progress while at the centre.

Every morning since we first enrolled my son in MRC, he shows his eagerness to go to MRC. This only adds to my confidence on how this centre takes proper care of my son.

Thank you MRC for providing my son a wonderful sanctuary and helping him to grow into such a handsome gentleman.

17/11/2017 - 03:33 pm


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Madam Cherry rates this listing with

我儿子在mrc kids 真的学到很多东西, 而且现在还进步了很多。真的要谢谢各位老师...

07/11/2017 - 06:32 am


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