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More Fun Kindergarten, Tadika Anak Sinar Bestari, Selayang

2697  6196
No. 57, Jalan SJ 22,
Taman Selayang Jaya,
Selayang , Batu Caves, Selangor 68100
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We inspire curiosity, independence and a life-long love of learning to help our children become contributing members of our community and the world.



  • In a nurturing and play-based environment, our curriculum builds children’s self-esteem and problem-solving skills, while fostering respect for themselves and others.
  • To provide your child with loving care and quality education.
  • Children will learn how to get along with teachers and peers, learn to share, learn to handle self-emotions and many more.




The most important goal of our early childhood curriculum:

  • To help children become enthusiastic learners. This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts.
  • To help children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners. We are teaching them how to learn, not just in preschool, but all through their lives. We are allowing them to learn at their own pace and in the ways that are best for them. We are giving them good habits and attitudes, particularly a positive sense of themselves, which will make a difference throughout their lives.


Our curriculum identifies goals in all areas of development:

Social: To help children feel comfortable in school, trust their new environment, make friends, and feel they are a part of the group.


Emotional: To help children experience pride and self- confidence, develop independence and self-control, and have a positive attitude toward life.


Cognitive: To help children become confident learners by letting them try out their own ideas and experience success, and by helping them acquire learning skills such as the ability to solve problems, ask questions, and use words to describe their ideas, observations, and feelings.


Physical: To help children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.

The activities we plan for children, the way we organize the environment, select toys and materials, plan the daily schedule, and talk with children, are all designed to accomplish the goals of our curriculum and give your child a successful start in school.


The philosophy behind our curriculum is that young children learn best by doing. Learning is not just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn firsthand about the world we live in. In their early years, children explore the world around them by using all their senses (touching, tasting, listening, smelling, and looking). In using real materials such as blocks and trying out their ideas, children learn about sizes, shapes, and colours and they notice relationships between things.


In time, they learn to use one object to stand for another. This is the beginning of symbolic thinking. For example, they might pretend a stick is an airplane or a block is a hamburger. Gradually children become more and more able to use abstract symbols like words to describe their thoughts and feelings. They learn to "read" pictures which are symbols of real people, places, and things. This exciting development in symbolic thinking takes place during the Preschool years as children play.



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More Fun Kindergarten, Tadika Anak Bestari, Selayang

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Other Details

Provide Meals: Yes

Transportation Service: Yes

Centre's Category: Nursery, Kindergarten, Enrichment Class, Primary Day Care Service

Student Age Group: 3 years old - 6 years old

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): 7.45am - 6.30pm

Program / Teaching Method: Thematic Approach

Language Classes: English, Malay & Chinese

Medium of Communication: English, Chinese

Class size: Maximum 15 students

Facilities: Outdoor Playground, Learning Corner.