Search Directory Takes Steps to Help the Stepping Stones Living Centre

on 28/11/2015 - 02:12 pm

The best part of completing a annual survey (besides viewing the survey results) is visiting the children’s welfare home that we are donating to and seeing the wonderful work they do.

Last Sunday, Y.E. Cheong and Rachel Chiel, the co-founders of and Ms Chee, had the opportunity to visit the Stepping Stones Living Centre, which houses and cares for about 80 underprivileged children – mainly children who have been neglected, abused, abandoned and/or traumatised – as well as a number of abandoned old folks and homeless single mothers. The Centre has been operating in Taman Seputih, Kuala Lumpur since 1998, expanding from one house to four houses in that area as more children were brought in.

The driveway to enter the home presented various foodstuff and two (2) cheques to the Stepping Stones Living Centre – one for RM2, 850, which donated based on a RM5 contribution for every completed survey form, and a personal cheque of RM2, 000. A big “Thank You” to those of you who had filled in the Malaysia Early Childhood Care & Education survey form and helped to raise funds for them.

Some of the foodstuffs donated to Stepping Stones Living Centre

The team was received by Pastor Johnson Rajahser himself, the fatherly, white-bearded founder of Stepping Stones Living Centre. We had expected to see a man overtaxed and burdened with such heavy responsibilities, instead, we were pleasantly surprised to meet a man who looked so calm and contented that he seemed not to have a single care in the world!


The kitchen area

The front yard

While the children had their Sunday afternoon nap, we sat with Pastor Johnson in their “living room” -- a zinc-roofed open area next to the simple wooden single-storey bungalow where the children study and have their meals and prayers – and learnt his secret. Pastor Johnson told us that for the past 17 years, whenever they had any need, he will pray and ask God; and, somehow or other, God has always provided. “God has brought people like you to supply our needs; we are very thankful,” said Pastor Johnson. 

Mr. YE Cheong and Ms. Chee having a discussion with the founder, Pastor Johnson


Pastor Johnson told us that they have even managed to save some money to pay for college education for four girls and five boys who have reached their teens, while many others have been encouraged to go for vocational training.


We pursued the matter further. What about your monthly food supplies? Can we help? After some discussion, Pastor Johnson agreed to inform us near to the end of every month whether any food supplies are short. If so, will be delighted to post those needs on our blog and you, our readers, will have the opportunity to join us in contributing towards a worthy cause.