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Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia, Kota Damansara

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Yoshinkan Aikido is a form of martial arts which originated from Japan. Aikido means “The way of harmony” and like many styles of Aikido, Yoshinkan eschews competition. Its most fundamental concept is that of “harmonizing” with an opponent without exerting an enormous amount of physical energy. In practical terms, an exponent of Aikido will use the force of an attack against their aggressor. In this way, Aikido enables one to redirect the force of an attack until it is no longer a threat.


Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia (YAM) is a center that provides Aikido training for children and adults alike. YAM was first established in 1995 by Sonny Loke Sensei to promote the Yoshinkan style of Aikido in Malaysia and as an appreciation of Japanese arts and culture within our community. Since then, interest in Aikido has flourished and thrived, and recently YAM opened its third and newest dojo (training center) in Kota Damansara.


Our team was invited to the recent official opening of the new Kota Damansara Dojo, where Sonny Loke Sensei gave a stirring speech about the long history and hard work of the YAM team to arrive where they are today. Sonny Loke Sensei has very high hopes for the future of Yoshinkan Aikido in Malaysia. His vision of a community with a strong spirit of cooperation and teamwork built upon the foundations of compassion and consideration stemming from the practice of Yoshinkan Aikido didn’t seem far-fetched when kids from YAM presented a demonstration of the Aikido techniques that they have learned. They may not be as strong and loud as the instructors but their agility, their awareness of their bodies, the synchronization of their movements and actions plus the confidence they exuded are akin to poetry in motion where every advance is complimented by a retreat and every rise transforms into a fall. Energetic yet calming, beautiful! As an added attraction, Sonny Loke Sensei and the YAM instructors even demonstrated the application of Aikido techniques in real-life scenarios for self-defense to a most enthusiastic and appreciative audience.




Other than the basic throwing, joint-locking, striking and pinning techniques with bare hands, Aikido training is coupled with the use of wooden sword ("bokken"), staff ("jo") and knife ("tanto") techniques. These techniques don’t just look good like in the movies, it is possible for your child to learn such Aikido techniques and benefit from it in the long-term. Yoshinkan Aikido is more than just a form of martial art, as the practice of its core elements will lead you on a path of self-discovery and character building. It will also help students to mature, become more understanding, accepting and appreciative. 


Aikido is in certain ways, a way of life. Thus, with its better facilities at its Kota Damansara dojo, YAM offers 4 main programs that cater to every segment of the community.

  • AIKI Foundation offers day to day Traditional Yoshinkan Aikido as taught by its founder Soke Gozo Shioda. 

  • AIKI Fun Safety Awareness Programme which involves children and the noble aim of raising the quality of life of every child and helping them achieve their full potential through aikido. 

  • AIKI Fit – a one day programme tailored to equip participants with essential basic self-defence skills. 

  • AIKI Fast – for immediate impact; a three-day intensive fast track programme for physical self-protection, knowledge and skills.

In this modern age of stress and isolation, it is both heartwarming and reassuring to know that there are men like Sonny Loke Sensei and YAM (Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia) who believe in the goodness of man and who strive for a better tomorrow and to make the world a better place for all.



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