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The children's house, Cyberjaya

by on 16/08/2017

Strategically located in the heart of Cyberjaya and in close proximity to international business offices and residential areas, is The children’s house’s (TCH) ninth school, TCH Cyberjaya. TCH Cyberjaya preschool offers an exclusive learning environment, which has been meticulously designed with much care and thought given to the comfort and well-being of its students. The design of the school building itself is ultramodern and coupled with its iconic red and white colour scheme, this preschool is right at home amongst the gleaming office towers and condominium blocks that surround it. Dropping off or picking up children is a breeze as there is a multi-level parking complex right below the school. However, if you are pressed for time, you can just drive right up to the front entrance, either drop off or pick up your child, drive on round the back and arrive at the main road in a matter of seconds.


Being the first to introduce the Montessori Method to the country almost 30 years ago, TCH Cyberjaya is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of Montessorian treasures. TCH Cyberjaya has stayed true to the Montessorian tradition of large spacious environments, brightly lit classrooms, low teacher to student ratios and an engaging and nurturing environment where the children are able to learn, explore and be creative and independent. While academics and learning are important, TCH Cyberjaya also provides a safe and secure environment where children can play and explore sensory stimulation. This includes water play, sand play, a huge and very well structured outdoor playground, music and movement and a plethora of other activities.


Being such a hive of activity, with parent participation and involvement encouraged in every aspect of its preschool education, the level of cleanliness and hygiene at TCH Cyberjaya is most commendable. It is a perfect example of “A place for everything and everything in its place”.


Every child deserves an education. And what better way to nurture them in their formative years and prepare them for adulthood and a lifetime of learning than with a Montessori education from one of the pioneers of the Montessori method in the country. “…..a preschool education with lots of nurturing, guidance, warmth and love,” says a beaming Aunty Aizara Johar Lim of TCH Cyberjaya.


Over the course of our interview, I found that beneath Aunty Aizara’s youthful looks flows a fierce determination to succeed. However, there were also present very desirable traits such as calmness, humility, understanding and loyalty. And there is an abundance of the most important trait of all - love and affection. Her personality was so infectious that everywhere we went at TCH Cyberjaya, it seems to have rubbed off on all her teachers and staff. There were smiles and laughter everywhere and the energy was palpable. Maybe the team at TCH Cyberjaya should be called Aunty Aizara and her Merry Aunties.


The environment in and around TCH Cyberjaya is such that the children get to go on nature walks around the neighbourhood and storytime is sometimes conducted in nature under the trees and among the shrubs, the birds and the bees.


Aristotle once wrote, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


TCH Cyberjaya provides the children with as holistic an education as you will find anywhere in the country. With specially designed child height furniture and shelving, well-resourced Montessori materials, excellent child appropriate books plus children sized amenities, TCH Cyberjaya is a preschool with all the comforts and conveniences of your home. These are the little things which make TCH Cyberjaya special. And if you imagine hard enough, you might just be able to hear the sighing breezes as they gently blow.


Aunty Aizara and her Merry Aunties are ready to provide so much love and nurturing that when you feel lost, pause and look closely around you. For somewhere, somehow TCH Cyberjaya will be waiting to guide you home.



The children's house, Cyberjaya

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