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Krista Pandan Perdana (Tadika Bijak Cemerlang Bestari)

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Rachel set the alarm and fluffed the pillows, but it did no good to close her eyes, she was too excited. She lay down on her little bed and one by one the sheep started jumping over the fence, one, two, three……four hundred and one……In the dark of the night, somewhere in the distance an alarm sounded. The alarm clock beside her bed indicated 6:00 am in large orange numbers. “Yipee, it's morning already. It’s time for school. It’s time for Krista!” Brushing her teeth, changing her clothes and combing her hair were all done in a flash. Bouncing down the stairs she chirps, “Good morning mummy. Good morning daddy. Is it time to go to Krista yet?”


Every morning, children in and around the vicinity of Krista, Pandan Perdana are waking up and asking their parents the same question, “Is it Krista time yet?”


Krista, has been operating in the Pandan Perdana area for about six years. Its owner Madam Nor Fardzilah, her principal Madam Shamala a/p Francis and their band of “merry teachers” have been together since the very beginning. “To truly and fully implement our CAPABLE Kids programme, we the teachers must first and foremost be CAPABLE teachers and mentors,” says Madam Nor. Even with their vast reservoir of experience, Madam Nor and her teachers regularly attend talks, seminars and refresher courses to keep abreast of the latest developments in Early Childhood Care and Education, to enhance their child-minding skills and to exchange opinions with like-minded people.


Every child who attends Krista, will experience their unique CAPABLE Kids preschool programme through a play-oriented approach that is child-initiated, child-directed and teacher-supported. Within Krista’s CAPABLE Kids environment children will be introduced to Child Centered Learning, Academic Foundation, Pratical Experiences, Assessment Provision, Benevolence Inculcation, Learn-to-Play and Exploratory Endeavours.


Child Centered Learning means nurturing a child’s individuality with programmes specially tailored to a child’s ability. Academic Foundation is an English medium programme adopting the New Preschool Curriculum and it covers a wide range of academic subjects. Practical Experiences deals with practical life applications of academic knowledge. It employs the use of the five senses through the Montessori method. Assessment Provision is the regular self-assessment by the child of his own work produced. Benevolence Inculcation see the inculcation of life’s golden virtues such as respect and honesty through academic and practical lessons. Learn to Play is the learning of appropriate lessons through fun activities such as sports, concerts, field trips and excursions. Finally, Exploratory Endeavours allow the children opportunities for experimentation and in the process making learning more fun and interesting.


Preschool education today is so much more than just teaching the children their ABC’s and 123’s. A preschool teacher today has to be a teacher, a mentor and a friend. At Krista, Pandan Perdana, children are encouraged to be children. They are encouraged to explore, make conclusions and make mistakes. “By making mistakes and learning through them, the children become more confident and independent,” says Madam Nor.


Parents involvement and participation is one of the key elements of preschool education at Krista, Pandan Perdana. Parents are encouraged to get involved and actively participate in their children’s preschool education activities and studies such as Family Day, Sports Day, Concert Day and thematic activities such as “A morning walk at the Lake Gardens” and “Weekend Fruits Bazaar”. “The turnouts at such events and activities are most encouraging. And through these we hope to build a strong family unit, encourage good communication and foster a strong sense of belonging,” says Madam Nor. “Today we not only teach the children, we also hope to educate the parents.”



Health, food and hygiene are among the most important aspects of a preschool that parents look out for. At Krista, Pandan Perdana, the food served is healthy, nutritious and prepared fresh daily. The temperature of each child is recorded daily and their little hands are sanitized before entering the kindergarten. During school hours, the main gate is always locked and they will not release a child unless they receive proper notification and documentary evidence from their respective parents.


“This TEAM has been together since day one. I can proudly say that we are all very passionate about what we do and what we have achieved so far at Krista, Pandan Perdana. Dedication and commitment is our priority but above all we promise LOVE. Love for our community. Love for our neighbours. And most of all, love for our children.” says Madam Nor, a teacher, a mentor and a friend.




Krista Pandan Perdana (Tadika Bijak Cemerlang Bestari)

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